Bunnies & the Cigar Bar

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  1. Last night was another Bunnyranch first.

    It was bike night at a local bar so I invited

    Jen wren

    The limo picks up the girls at 7:45, I meet them on my Harley at 8pm, I walk in and the girls looked so fine, short skirts and with full makeup they had the bar crazy, BOB my cock woke right up just like every other guys in the bar, the girls ordered doubles, the party was on. We were there about an hour then walked around the corner to the Cigar Bar.

    It was so cool, four hot ass girls in the humidor picking out cigars, they finally agreed on the ones we would smoke, then it was off to our table to order drinks and listen to the Jazz band. I was allready turned on, short skirts etc. when the girls started talking about sex and how they wanted to do each other and it went on and on. The next thing I know the brunette team, Jen Wren and Mila went o the bathroom, they had to walk down a hallway outside a wall of glass by us to get there, now we have two fine booties flashing us, they turn around show us the cute litle kitties and run off to the bath. when they came out giggling, they walked up to me and said "D give us a kiss, they both had the wonderfull smell of hot pussy on them. Now BOB is really excited. we laughed our butts off. All of a sudden the blonde team goes to the bathroom and it was on again, they came out laughing their butts off, having me smell their fingers, how much more can a man take of this?

    Bob was throbbing!

    An hour of sex talk later I call for the limo, I walk the girls out, I had told them when they go back It would be exciting if the brunettes would sit on one side of the limo the blondes the other all with their legs opened up wide, pumps on and playing with each other, i was thinking one big orgasm everyone cumming together. They got in the limo I saw them pulling girls dresses up and getting on their knees and the party was on.
    I was driving down the street on my Harley and the next thing I see is four Bunnies hanging out the sunroof topless like prom night.

    Now for the bad part for me and BOB, I had radio shows to do this morning early and went home, who knows where the party went from there.

    Girls what happened? You can tell Daddy D.
  2. Yes, please girls, I think we all want to know the end of this bed time story!!

    Dennis, When is the "Adventures of Bob" book going to be released? :D :D :D
  3. It must have real good as I am not hearing a word on the board.

    The adventures of Bob the virgin?

    The adventures of Bob in high school? A short story.

    The adventures of Bob & working in Asia.

    The adventures of Bob at he BunnyRanch.

    Bob will sell a zillion books.
  4. Yes, the girls are suspiciously silent 8)

    Thanks for the pre-press outline of Bob's biography :D
  5. Daddy -

    It was HOT, HOT, HOT! Fun! We had a bunch of guys following the Limo back to the Ranch. Flashing them - kissing each other while we were standing up through the sunroof! We teamed up on Mila - I got to kiss Morgan. I was hoping you would show up at the Ranch ... I had a present for you ... Mila's panties! They are being proudly displayed on the headboard of my bed! Lots of kissing, touching, pumps way up in the air! We didn't even realize that the Limo was back at the Ranch! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  6. PS : I like Cigar Bar Nights! :twisted:
  7. Mila's panties are a nice trophy.

    Who's panties should she get next?
  8. Oh Daddy it was so much fun!!!
    Very HOT!!!!
    But I think I should get her panties next when I get back from my vacation! :wink: :D
    Bunny kisses!
  9. It was a pantie war and we had kitties galore. I'm going to run out of panties! I got molested Daddy...and I liked it.
  10. Never fear, Mila! I'll gladly replenish your stock ... only to steal them again - with my teeth! :twisted: Our adventures must continue - after all.
  11. yea you liked me molesting you didn't you!!!
    Bunny kisses!!!
  12. Yes please!
  13. Mila, I've spent a good bit of time doing personal protection. I'd be happy to come to work for you as your bodyguard/pantyguard. The pay doesn't have to be all that if the benefits are good. :wink:
  14. I think that sounds like a plan Indy. At least you can help me steal Jen Wren's panties...that would be a nice start.
  15. I'd be happy to help! I can't think of too many things better than a pantyless Jen Wren. :wink:
  16. I'll be score keeper!
  17. If we don't watch Jen Wren her whole head board will be decorated with panties. She's on a mission for red ones.
  18. sounds fun
  19. CAUTION: Five year old post.

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