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  1. I'm talking about the moments that you met either the working girl you've been waiting for, or even, courtesans, the clients you're excited to meet.

    I'm looking for stories of you seeing the absolute joy in another's eyes when they have that moment.

    I do hope I'm not oversharing, but this story from the Sagebrush bar from Tuesday is a good one. A gentlemen, admittedly nervous, but doing really well in hiding it, came into the bar saying he had an appointment scheduled with @Natasha Star . I had a great time just conversing with her the night prior, and was somewhat jealous that he was her appointment, but we struck up a conversation.

    We actually had a lot in common, and I told him he had a good choice in Natasha, which he immediately agreed with, and then she came into the parlor. Seeing his eyes light up at seeing her was a really really cool moment. He knew he liked her, but couldn't believe how gorgeous she is in person, kept saying "wow, wow, wow", very happy to be a "fly on the wall" during that awesome moment for you @Ragazo Solo

    Turns out the guy is a member of the message boards, and asked me a couple of days later if he was talking to "Jessie Summers" which of course he was. It was a cool moment.
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  2. sonja
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    It all comes together after awhile. What starts out as some tentative messages on this board ends up drawing you into a new world full of new friends and lovers. So glad you had that moment!
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  3. This is making me smile sooooooo big right now, haha!
    It was really cool meeting you and hearing some of your story
    I really hope to meet you again someday
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  4. Natasha Star
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    This is so sweet, and I personally love how you posted about it from an “outside” perspective.

    This was such a special moment. @Ragazo Solo arrived earlier than I had anticipated,and I was nervous to greet him because I had just gotten back from hiking and had no make up on. Frankly, I was in my rawest form lol. But my self consciousness instantly dissolved when he greeted me. It was so, so sweet, and I am very fortunate to have experienced our time together.

    Thank you. Both of you :)
  5. Natasha Star
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    Natasha Star Sensual Squirter

    It makes me smile wide, too! :D

    Thank you so much!!!!

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  6. Thanks you two! I'm not sure if anybody noticed, but since I was facing Ragazo and conversing with him, I was trying not to "stare" at what was making him flush in the face and really excited lol. Staring at Natasha was his moment, but I did at least want to see what was getting his blood pressure going, so I took a little peek, and indeed, you looked amazing Miss Star, even in your most natural state!
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  7. sonja
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    Limerance.... one of my favorite things in the world.
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  8. HarleyCEO
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    I had just committed to a party with a lady when I saw Sonja. We made an instant connection. I still kept my commitment and I was glad I did. Mari Savage gives a mean massage. I had to come back for Sonja, though. And then I had to keep coming back.

    I can't always say what it is that attracts me to a woman. I'm frequently surprised by who gets onto my radar. Maybe, it's the surprise of the unexpected. Both of these ladies are not just different from each other but they are different than their images project (at least to me).
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  9. sonja
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    Ahhh! Thank you. Meeting you was just as powerful for me.
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