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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Pat, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Hi all:

    Some of you will know who I am. I have been around the message boards a long time. This is the 1st time for me to post on this board,but I have been reading it since it started.

    I just wanted to Thank everyone at the bunny ranch for the great time I had last Saturday night during CWMC. I will at a later date give a longer more detailed report. For now here is a short summary.

    My good Friend Nikita, , a 2 time winner of the COY awards, while working at MLBR2 (Kittys at the time) and I had a wonderful experience with the lovely BrittneyAngel. Brittney is everything a working lady should be. She has personality. She is one great looking lady. But most of all she knew how to please myself and Nikita.

    Whether you're a lady alone, a couple or just a guy If your experience is anything like mine was life will be good for you. Nikita and I spent the next 2 days discussing how wonderful our party was. Both of us were on cloud 9 over this lovely lady. I hope if your out MLBR way while she is there that you say hi and find out for yourselves how fun she can be.

    That's all I have to say for now. I'm short on time and hope to add more later.

    Thanks Brittney your a doll.

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    My review on Brittneyangel

    As promised here is my more detailed review of the great time Nikita and I had with Brittneyangel. My writing skills aren't that good. I do hope I can express myself well enough that you all get a feel for how great Brittneyangel can be. Just think fabulous that says it all.

    My review on Brittneyangel

    I 1st took notice of Brittneyangel when I saw her postings and pictures on the bunnyranch web site. I was both impressed with her posting style and her look. At the time, her 1st pictures were her with very curly hair. [​IMG] She now, for the most part wears her hair straight. You can see her various looks at the following link. Either way she is one hot looking lady. I was even more impressed, if that is possible, when I saw her in person. My friend Nikita and I had talked about going to CWMC 11 . We also talked about maybe having a couples party with Brittanyangel. Nikita was very open to the idea.

    As it turned out we did go to CWMC 11. We also decided that we would go Brothel hopping to see if we could find a lady to do a couples party with us. Our hope was that Brittneyangel would be there and we would at least talk to her. We wanted to be sure that after meeting Brittneyangel and talking to her we would both be comfortable having our party with her. We also wanted to check out all the other ladies available at the other Brothels. We did our little tour. Brittneyangel was an easy choice. She had the look, and personality that was a perfect match for us. The negotiations were easy and pleasant. A deal was struck and the fun was about to begin.

    The party would be mostly Nikita and Brittneyangel enjoying themselves in the beginning. Boy! did they do that. My role was to get naked with them, caress and contribute with soft kisses at anything that was available. My hands stroked them and my lips stole kisses on two very sexy ladies. . As they took turns kissing and tasting each other I fondled each lady. Nikita was the 1st to have Brittneyangel pleasure her to a fantastic orgasm. Then being the great trooper she is, Nikita returned the favor. We still had some time left in our party. So Nikita and Brittneyangel just cuddled and kissed each other. Then I was invited to spend some time enjoying Brittany angel’s lovely body.

    I had gotten some Dennis dollars for booking the party. So I asked Brittneyangel how those worked? At it turned out we could use those to continue the party. Their was no hesitation. We were all very happy to do that. When Brittneyangel came back from turning in the Dennis dollars, we decided that we would spend some of this time with me enjoying the pleasures of Brittneyangel. As she laid on the bed my hands and lips had a field day at the touch of this lovely lady. She in turn did things to me that sent shivers all through my body. One of the agreements we had made was that I would not have an orgasm during our party. I also did not have intercourse with her. I do know that from the exploring that we did that Brittneyangel not only knew how to please a lady, but she also had all the skills to please a man.

    Let me rap this up by Thanking Brittneyangel for one fantastic sexual experience. Nikita and I talked for several days about how much we both enjoyed her. I’ve been around the Brothels for over 30 years. I know that the ladies can’t be the right lady for everyone. I also know that Briitneyangel was the perfect lady for Nikita and I. She could be the perfect lady for you too. I would suggest to you, whether you are a couple, a lady alone, or a single guy, do yourself a favor and at least check this lady out. You too may find out that this lady is the whole package. Their are some ladies in LPIN that will do other ladies, but are not really Bi. Brittanyangel and Nikita not only enjoy pleasing and being pleased by another lady, they also know how to please men. I was one lucky and happy puppy that night.

    According to the Bunnyranch board she will be available AT THE BUNNYRANCH AUG.24TH-SEPT.8TH & SEPT.28TH-OCT.6TH If you are in the area stop by and see for yourself, if she is the lady that can also make your Brothel experience one to remember for a very long time.

    Thanks Brittanyangel, Nikita and I are very happy to have experienced you.

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    great report I am meeting Brittany in December for my 30th bday after my party with the lovely Audrey so I think this will be a birthday for the record books
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    A word from Nikita

    I showed my report of Brittneyangel to Nikita. She had hoped to also add her own feelings about how wonderful she thought Brittneyangel was. Being busy she never got this done before her own stay at MLBR 2. She is there now.

    She did ask me to let everyone know that she is in total agreement with what I wrote about our pleasure of partying with Brittneyangel. She did make one minor correction on the sequence of events during the party.

    Her words were:

    your memory MAY have lapsed for one tiny second, and that is that I 'did' Angel first, then she did me TWICE =)

    She is probably right. The important thing is we both enjoyed ourselves.

    Nikita will be at MLBR 2 from today (August 10th) to August 20th. Brittneyangel's schedule is August 24th to September 8th. In my book both of these ladies are exceptional providers. If a guy was to time it right and spent the week of august 19th to August 25th in Carson City they would be able to enjoy Nikita on the tail end of her stay. Rest for a couple of days then be ready to welcome Brittneyangel on the front end of her next stay at MLBR 1.


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