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  1. I had my first visit to the Bunny Ranch this past week, specifically to party with Brittany Angel. I have been reading this board a ton over the past two weeks and I must thank everyone who posts. If it were not for those who post their experiences, I don't believe I would have made the decision to go. I didn't plan on posting my story because in many ways it is very personal, but maybe my testimonial will be enough to help nudge someone else along who is debating on making their first visit.

    I've been with a handful of women in the past, but none that I had a strong sexual attraction to. Part of the reason I made this trip is that believe every man deserves a chance to experience a breathtaking woman at least once. So many of us guys are plagued by social ineptitude or below-average attractiveness that getting in bed with the "It Girl" is a fantasy that will never be fulfilled. This was my chance. And I did almost everything in my power to blow it, so learn from my mistakes:

    1) Be awake when you have your party. No, I did not fall asleep during the party. I was however in a sleep-deprived trance :shock: due to being completely unable to sleep the night before. I literally got one hour of sleep because I couldn't get the idea of being with Brittany out of my head.
    2) Don't drive a long distance and then jump straight into your party. I live 5.5 hours away. I thought I would be fine to drive there, have the party, then drive back. Something about being in the car for that long just isn't conducive to sexual stimulation. I'll spend a day or two in Reno next time.
    3) Don't be nervous. I knew I had no reason to be, but as a first timer I don't think its avoidable. When I go back, I am certain I will be infinitely more at ease.

    As far as the party itself, well lets just say I have never been more frustrated with myself in my life. The combination of sleep-deprivation and anxiety could not be dispelled with a shot of Crown and half a bottle of champagne. Yes folks you guessed it, I could not perform :oops: Well I won't say that. I could not perform to my standards. Which are generally very high and should be for a healthy 20-something man. There were plenty of moments where I was on my game but I know I could have been more...impressive. Anyhow, the reason I am admitting this is because Brittany was so incredibly understanding...and accommodating :wink: And did I mention friggin' hot hot hot! The pictures on the website speak for themselves, but you cannot fully appreciate how beautiful Brittany is until you meet her.

    After it was over and even now, the only thing I remember about the experience was how beautiful she was and how good she made me feel. I very much hope to return. As I told Brittany, I sort of have something to prove.

    Thank you Brittany.
  2. Thanks baby! when are you gonna come back and "prove" what else ya got so i can look forward to it (even though u didnt perform bad at all...i like u to think that if thats what it takes to bring you back! LOL) see you then sweetie ill be back sept.12-20th so call/email me soon :wink: :wink:

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