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  1. Can you change your mind after booking an appointment with a bunny?
  2. You can always change your mind, it's your money after all. :) Though if you do I recommend letting them know as far in advance as possible. If they're expecting you then they'll be turning down other appointments and all in order to make your appointment.
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    Good answer...also, keep in mind that they are not going to ask you for a deposit. The girls just want to be there and ready for you when you arrive. Also, when you arrive, you still have the option of changing your mind. But, I would urge you to PM the Bunny that you are interested in and establish some rapport so that you are as comfortable as possible with her. It will make the experience that much more fulfilling for both of you. Have fun.
  4. Take the phone number for the ranch with you as well. That way if you are going to be late, or have some other travel delay, you can call the ranch to let them know. It is only common courtesy to give as much advance notice if you can't make your appointment. That way the bunny can book other parties if you are not going to show.
  5. Thank you all very much!

    I/we certainly appreciate the courtesy of a call or em if your plans change. Thank you for your consideration :D
    Evanka Banks

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