Bentley Jo aka Dorothy

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by bigre, Oct 2, 2008.

  1. I partied with Bentley twice this week and want to say WOW!!!!

    She showed me how to use the BunnyRanch "toothbrush" and all I can say is WOW!!!

    When you go to the ranch ask Bentley for the'll not be sorry.
    Just don't wiggle your feet or she'll start to laugh.
    (I understand many in the house heard her) [smilie=to funny.gif]

    Thanks for all the fun times you bring me.


    Bentley Jo just loves The Wizard of OZ.

    Be sure to send you her birthday and she'll put it on her new 2009 Wizard of Oz Calendar.

    [smilie=kiss of love.gif] [smilie=my heart fire up for you.gif]

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