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  1. OMG what an experience!!!!

    I was at the Las Vegas speedway as a guest of Bentley and famed race driver Derek Bell who is a very famous European driver and friend. Derek is the person who led Bentley to win the famous Le Mans race.

    My day began with a movie about the history of Bentley and their racing team. I then got to ride in a 1926 roadster and a 1938 roadster these cars were like brand new. What a history lesson.

    Now for the extreme driving. I did courses where there were pylon barriers and at 60 mph just before you hit them made hard turns to avoid what they called our fake truck, OMG the rush when you slam the brakes as hard as you can and turn to avoid the truck was over the top. The wildest course out of five was with and without ESP on, without it this 5500 lb Bentley just spun around like a top with ESP on you could make it thru without hitting a pylon.

    Now to the drag strip, it was a full on the gas to over 100MPH then not press but slam on the brakes.

    All this went on for nine hours till the death ride. Derek Bell said "D you have put the cars thru it all, are you comfortable enough to go on the track and see how we race the 550 horse V12 turbo Bentley?" It was a Continental GT Safire blue with saffron leather inside. The blue looks black from 30 ft away but as you get close you see the blue and some purple as the sun changes its color.

    From the time we entered the track and roared to 150MPH plus my guts where grinding, holding to the oh shit handle for my life. The only thing I can compare this to was riding in a fighter jet. You have no time to think about anything. The turns were awesome, the tires screamed, the turbo noise was a rush and I could only just be scared to fucking death and hold on.

    I think I liked the Flying spur even better than the GT; it’s so cool and classy. I was going to get rid of my white SL500 or the pewter SL55 but now its keep one of the Mercedes and get the Bentley. Ok its time for the big one, what color?
  2. Sounds like you had a wild ride!!!

    Glad to hear you had fun :D

    I vote for black on black - you'll look great in that car!! :wink:
  3. Black on Black...the best
  4. D,
    The Sapphire Blue with Saffron piped in Blue.Blue Top Roll and Carpets.That's the color I'm ordering the GTC in...........
  5. I was in a spur with that combo, its the best.
  6. Bently


    call me crazy but I've been thinking of maybe makinig it a BunnyRanch Bently paint being maybe a nice burgandy, with the ranch bunny logo done as ghost flames oh the side, and World Famous Bunny Ranch painted maybe in Pink. interior could still be the saffron
  7. Re: Bently

    What a great idea, I love ghost flames.

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