before i leave this world i would like to fullfill my fantac

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  1. I am new to this and i was wondering if
    1) Can I book a room and stay over night at the bunny Ranch. In other words do u also have hotel/motel accommodations and if so how much ?
    2) Was is the average cost to go to the bunny ranch and have(Full fill my fantasy sorta speak )as i am planing vacation and need to budget.
    3) could i full fill my ever lasting fantasy to have 2 woman at the same time and at least one of them must have a tongue ring as i have NEVER HAD A blow job from a woman with a tongue ring before and i am 43 years old and before i leave this world and would love to full fill my fantasy.

    Thank you,

    Fremont , CA

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    Hey energ4you! I hope that your wish comes true,but I must say from my own experience with a woman that had a tongue ring...NO FUN WITH CONDOM ON :cry: However,without the condom it was a very nice experience. I found that the condom took away from the feel of the ring.Both in its size ,as well as,the kind of cool feel the ring has...

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