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  1. My wife is interested in becoming a bunny.She is forty and does not have plastic boobs.She is very hot she gets hit on by twenty year olds as well as all ages.Do any of your customers have interest in forty year olds or is that to old.
  2. Personally, I think it's got more to with with how you act, how you carry yourself, how you look, etc, than it does with age specifically. If she's turning the heads of 20-somethings, she's probably taking pretty good care of herself. :) If you're ok with it and she wants to, I'd encourage her to apply and see what happens.
  3. sex appeal doesn't see some pics of your wife!
  4. I think it depends more on how she acts, her confidence, her chemistry with people, and how she feels about herself. She must be attractive to get the attention.
  5. I would have her message Madam Suzette with pics and contact info.
  6. hope she makes it
  7. cool

    can you recommend any?

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