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  1. Bambi Angel and I had our second 1.5 hour GFE (Girl Friend Experience) party in mid September. She is hot. She is the fantasy lady and provides the sexual experience that you have always dreamed about and wished that you could have had. Well you can. Just make an appointment with Bambi and have your own sensual experience.

    Bambi is petite, 5’3”, blond, sexy and fun to be with.

    We did many things with and to each other. We both achieved satisfaction.

    We ended our party in the outdoor hot tube. Sitting there side by side in the warm water under a bright sun in our birthday suits while contemplating both Bambi and the recent activities in the bedroom makes me want to repeat the experience. We will do so during my next visit to the MLBR.
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    Glad you had a great time With Bambi Harold. Looking forward to reading your reports from the recent visits.
  3. Harold,

    What a wonderful time we shared indeed. I enjoyed our memorable day and loved "contemplating" with you in the hot tub!!

    I cant wait to see you again on your next trip !!

    Take care my friend

  4. Look forward to November :)
  5. Thanks for your posts Harold.

    I have been talking to the bunnies through this site, and while all of them have been sweet and cordial, one particular young lady stood out to me. Bambi Angel!!! She directed me to the RLRR area to read some reviews. From your description Harold, and chats with Bambi I think she is my perfect lady. [smilie=happy.gif]

    I will be visiting in December and can't wait to be able to post my own RLRR with the beautiful Bambi.

    [smilie=hi ya!.gif] See you all in december!

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