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  1. LRN has the best and best updated list of who is working. I like that it is reliably updated, and especially like the clickable links for the ladies. Not sure why the others don't do it the same way? It's mid October, and the current Line Ups the various places had update dates which range from August 1st (have to guess somebody has changed since then) September 4th, etc. As a customer, from the area I like to know who is likely working. Just a thought.

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    I agree, I have to ask during Ustream or look on the boards at lady sigs to determine if there are around.
  3. This has been a problem for quite a while now. There has to be someone at each house that has 5 minutes to set aside to update the line-up weekly. If you're trying to sell something, is it good service to make the customer do the work? :?
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    I'm here all the time! Just pop in and ask for me!
  5. I found that the best way to stay up to date with who is there is to ask us directly. Right now I work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday three weeks out of the month so some schedules are all over the place. Just email us, check our twitter, or even call the ranch and ask! You can always book appointments, too :)
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    I'm always available!

  7. Ill be at Love Ranch Vegas In September [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Why thank you, much appreciation!! :)!
    <3 We like when you guys know when and where to find us!
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    I am at the aliencathouse now in every weekend [smilie=call me.gif][smilie=hi ya!.gif]
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    I have noticed that the websites are changing!

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