ATTN: Dennis Hof or Madame Suzette - Spank Me Panties!

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Tabounique Panties, Dec 1, 2007.

  1. My name is Tabounique! I am a lingerie designer manufacturerer. I am coming to your area the end of January for a little FUN! I would like to bring some samples of my ruffled butt, spank me panties to your establishment. I have been sewing panties since 98, for both genders. I think they would fit well within your establishment. Will there be anyone available to speak with? Feel free to type in Tabounique to any search engine to see my online "resume." Hope we can get together...
  2. email Dennis and Madam Suzette about your business.
  3. Must not have the correct emails

    I did send an email to the bunny ranch, to madame suzette, it came back returned, incorrect address provider. the one listed on the net! So then I talked with someone at the ranch via the phone who told me to go ahead and email again with another email address, which I did, not sure if that one went through either. So then, last nite when I was in the chat, this option was suggested to me, so just following through. Do you have correct email addresses available? I would be more than happy to email them personally. Thank you for your time,
  4. Spam filters may prevent email from going thru

    Thank you for the new email address. I just sent off another email to Madame Suzette. I hope her spam filters aren't too high. If they are, the email may not get through, because my email is associated with my business, it is sometimes considered "spam." I have that problem from time to time, with my client emails..if I am not in the address book.
  5. Interest in spanking panties?

    I would guess by the number of views this post has generated, there is definitely an interest in spanking panties! They couldn't be more fun! :lol:

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