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  1. Ashlyn Sparks
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    Ashlyn Sparks Vintage Courtesan

    ⭐Starlet of the Month for APRIL⭐

    Thank you to everyone who came to see me in April

    I have a few dates left in May so let's connect & make a memory

    All May visitors will get a special gift with any party booked!

    [email protected]

    AirBrush_20180504150145.jpg AirBrush_20180504150123.jpg 20180504_145517.jpg 20180504_145440.jpg

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  2. Great Job Ashlyn! Love all your content. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  3. Smart, wonderful and fun personality, monthly party planner and MC extraordinaire, and oh a stunningly beautiful woman ---- congratulations on your well deserved award. New room as your prize for the award??
  4. Ashlyn Sparks
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    Ashlyn Sparks Vintage Courtesan

    Yes Sir. It is a great room! I can not wait to show you!
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  5. Bobbi Besos
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    Bobbi Besos Your local and elite girlfriend *BunnyRanch*

    Well done girl!! Book this babe while you can guys!!


    Bobbi Besos
  6. Can't wait to see it. Maybe we should just stay in it and not leave ;)
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  7. Ashlyn Sparks
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    Ashlyn Sparks Vintage Courtesan

    Let's connect in May and make a memory! :)

    DbzKEPRVAAAqBLk.jpg DbzKHXQUQAALnUA.jpg DbzKLgvU0AAqgn7.jpg DdLLnWgV0AAqtG9.jpg
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  8. Ashlyn, May's half over --- how about a June memory ;)
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  9. Ashlyn Sparks
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    Ashlyn Sparks Vintage Courtesan

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  10. Are those gifts that you received with your Starlet of the Month award?? If they are can you say what goodies you got????
  11. Lena_Haze
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    Lena_Haze Alien Cathouse - Las Vegas Xoxo

    Great special and you look very pretty in your pictures
  12. ChloeCakes
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    ChloeCakes You really can have your cake & eat it too! ✨

    Congrats Ashlyn!!! You deserve it! And gentlemen deserve you! Don’t miss out guys! Xoxo
  13. This is a great special! Way to go Ashlyn!
  14. AliceLittle
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    AliceLittle Alice Little, Bunny Ranch

  15. Delilah Rae
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    Delilah Rae Where secret desires become realities

    Congrats on starlet of the month and know I even want to know what that special gift is!
  16. Ashlyn, there is not one bad picture in your picture collage of what you did in April --- you are truly a multi-talented, Renaissance woman [smilie=be mine!.gif]
  17. CherryLane
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    CherryLane The Passion you want, The Woman you need

    What a great special love! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

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