Are any of the bunnies

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  1. seriously involved with someone(like even married) and still work there.. I only ask because I am married and think it is a great job..

    ps.. I LOVE YOU GIRLS I watch the show all the time
  2. not many of the bunnies/ladies talk about their personal lives. They leave that separate....
  3. I have know of a few who are married or involved and some of their husbands or boyfriends drop them off and pick them up with no issues.
    I would all depend on you individule relationship was and if it could handle this type of work.
  4. ok thank you.. My husband is 100% for it and I wanted to make sure
  5. Alexis Fire and her husband were both on the Dr. Keith show a while back
  6. thank you so much.. I sent a message to Madam Suzette so lets just hope
  7. In a recent Cathouse Madame Suzette said that husbands do bring their wives there to work. I don't know if any of the bunnies there now are taken.

    I would think it is hard to *not* talk about personal lives at least somewhat. I'm sure a "My husband" or "My boyfriend" slips out once in a while.

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