Any women on here?

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Suzieq71, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. I am interested in taking my fiance to the ranch. He wants to see me with a woman. I'm wondering if any women here can post a general idea of what a first time visit was like from their perspective.
  2. Some couples have posted their experience they had with a lady here. You may could read some of those reports and contact them. If you would like to pm me with any specific questions or further information, please feel free.
  3. Hi Suzie,

    I am cutting and pasting a report which might interest you:

    Hi gf and I arrived in carson city last friday a room at the local casino hotel...called up to MBR and the lovely madam sent a car out to pick us up...(we wanted to enjoy the bar also)...real nice driver showed up within 15 minutes and we were off...walked in and there we were greeted with a very intoxicating lineup...all the ladies were so was our plan, we thanked the ladies for the lineup and headed to the bar for some cocktails...several of the ladies came up and chatted with us...they were quite lovely and friendly...after several rounds to knock the jitters out, my gf picked the beautiful Bailey...went to her room for very easy, painless negotiations (and quite reasonable too)...after the business was taken care of, we got down to role was to sit in a chair at the foot of the bed as Bailey and gf enjoyed awesome girl/girl...after what seemed like a long time, I could hardly stand myself, though I did lol...but, alas, I was invited in...don't think I didn't jump right in the midst of that scene...MMMM...hard to put into words the intense physical pleasure...simply amazing...we all had a wonderful time and laughed and was truly amazing...does not end here though...after our party was over, gf and I headed back out to the bar and loaded up on souvenirs...tshirts, hats, etc...also had some more cocktails with the nice bartender...I believe his name is Jason...sorry if I got the name wrong...what we thought was really cool was when Bailey came out to join us for drinks at the bar even though she said her shift was over...soon the lovely Valentine also joined thing led to another and gf and I looked at each other and said why the hell not...sooo...Bailey, Valentine, gf and I headed to the room at the end of the hall...very simple, painless, and reasonable negotiations ensued...once again, after business was taken care of, I assumed my position on the chair and enjoyed some fantastic girl/girl/girl action...the ladies tied my gf up and did everything imaginable to her...she was in heaven and very well taken care of...then was my turn...again, in I go...and the two ladies were fantastic (gf sitting in chair now)...after alot of boy/girl/girl stuff...Bailey broke off and finished off gf again as she (gf) was sitting in the familiar chair at the end of the bed...Valentine stayed with me and we had a great time...when all was said and done, gf and I could not have asked for anything more...we would like to thank everyone at the MBR for a wonderful many hours of intense fun...friendliness and professionalism of all truly made us feel comfortable and filled with tons of memories...we WILL be back...thanks specifically to Bailey and ladies are awesome, sexy, tasty and very talented and kind...renob9 and gf

    Hope this helps :D
  4. That, is a hellava post!

    Thank you Valentine for a wonderful, enlightning post. Every guys dream fulfilled with the lovely ladies of MLBR. Cannot wait to try that out, wife included :shock:

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