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  1. I traveled to Nevada to see Brittany Angel and to celebrate my birthday. Brittany wasn't able to see me for my actual birthday, but the week between my birthday and our date was special none the less.

    I traveled out to Nevada on Friday the 25th and stayed at the Gold Dust West in Carson City. This is a very nice hotel with nice large, clean rooms. The staff is friendly and they have an excellent steak house. The food in the coffee shop isn't the best I have had, but I guess it isn't any worse than some of the fast food places I have been to. The hotel had a birthday celebration for all their players club members. I was given some free plays and entered into a slots tournament for the Saturday afternoon. It was fun. I had been playing the slots on my own and managed to win $900. I ended up giving most of this back as I continued to play the slots off and on over the next few days, but I was there to have some fun and to relax. I managed to earn several comps, including a free nights stay in the hotel, so the hotel actually ended up subsidizing my vacation. The whole time though I was thinking of my upcoming date with Brittany on the Monday night.

    I was picked up in the ranch car and traveled out to meet up with Brittany Angel. I had brought her a gift of a negligee with matching robe, I had also picked up a robe with Angel on the back, which I thought was appropriate. She was dressed in a black dress and was absolutely stunning. This young lady is very beautiful and would turn anyone's head. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but she is just as beautiful on the inside. She has a very warm personality. She is a very sweet, kind and gentle young lady. We started out with dinner at Glen Eagles in Carson City. We both enjoy the food there. We had the same booth, and the same waitress as the last time. We started with champagne and shared an appetizer. We chatted throughout the whole meal. Brittany has a way of putting you at your ease, and she is very easy to speak to. She has the most intense blue eyes. Your gaze is just naturally drawn to them.

    I had the prime rib and Brittany ordered the chicken. By the time we finished we were both too full for desert. We went back out to the car and traveled up to Lake Tahoe. Brittany lay back against me and we held hands and talked as we rode up the mountain to Lake Tahoe. We were booked into the Mont Bleau resort. I had reserved one of the Sierra suites. We decided to start off with some time at the Blu nightclub. We took the elevator down to the casino floor and walked holding hands to the nightclub's VIP entrance. Every guy we passed stared at Brittany, and then gave me that look that said "how did you get a girl like that." I felt 10 feet tall. We were ushered into the nightclub. It was a bit of a disappointment. The music was a loud constant beat, but it wasn't anything you could really dance to. There weren't many people around and the bottle I had to buy for the table service was overpriced, considering how bad the champagne was. We much preferred the bottle of Moet we had at dinner. We gave up after about an hour and went back to the suite. Brittany was so beautiful and we enjoyed our night together. Just feeling the warmth of her body against mine was amazing. Daybreak came too soon for me and it was soon time to check out and head back down the mountain.

    We traveled back to Carson City. We were amazed at how blue the water of Lake Tahoe was in the early morning light. We continued our conversation from the night before and talked about plans for the next time we saw each other. I dropped Brittany off at the ranch and carried her bags in to her room. I said goodbye to her, and with a final hug and kiss, I had to reluctantly leave. I went back to the Gold Dust West to get ready to fly out that night.

    I look forward to an opportunity to see Brittany Angel again. I miss her already.
  2. Wow, that sounds like an amazing experience. That's the kind of trip you will definitely remember for life. :)
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    sounds like a great trip glad you had a good time
  4. Thanks guys.

    It was a great time!! 8) 8) Unfortunately the time goes by too quickly, and you wish you could stay just a little longer. I hope I can make it out again before the end of summer. [-o<

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