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  1. The day after my party with Summer I partied with Anna Suvari. I had been conversing with Anna for several months also and scheduled a party. Several people had talked about Anna's oral skills. She knew that was part of the reason I visited and she definitely didn't disappoint. I won't get into the details, mostly because I can't do her justice. Lets just say she knows what she is doing, although I will state that the things she does with her tongue are incredible.

    Eventually we got to the sex, which was just as good as her oral skills. Unfortunately for me I had overexerted myself on the previous day with Summer Paige, so Anna had to do most of the work.

    After the party we went back to the bar and chatted a bit. She introduced me to several ladies including Bunny Love, and Christy Morrell. I planned on partying with Bunny on Saturday, but unfortunately got what I believe was a bit of food poisoning at one of the casinos and was out for most of the day.

    I did get a good party the next day with Jimi at the BR II though.
  2. That is one amazing tongue, isn't it? :D

    Anna returns to the lineup Friday ... trust us when we say this is one opportunity you don't want to miss!!!
  3. Tell me about it.
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    Anna's legendary oral skills! That is one "privilege" I must experience! :D

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