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  1. I want to let all of you guys out there who cannot decide if you want to visit MLBR or which beautiful woman to choose. That I have been in your shoes until last week Friday. I will help you to make your decision so much easier when I tell you of my experience at MLBR.

    First of all, it took me about 3 flights, 2 stop overs, 1 "lets try that landing attempt again" [-o< , 1 time zone change, and a total of 15 hours later to reach MLBR. But I would do it again because anything worth while is worth waiting for and the struggle makes the prize that much more sweeter.

    As I walked up to the front entrance in anticipation of what was about to cum; all kinds of thoughts was running through my mind like were the girls going to look as good as the pictures, or on the TV show Cathouse. Was I going to be pressured to pay an outrageous price etc... Well let me tell you all of those thoughts went away when I met my date, Anna Suvari. Guys let me tell you right now, that the pictures that you see on-line does not come close to what these beautiful ladies looks like in person! OMG!!! Anna was STUNNING!!! =P~ [smilie=hot over you.gif] What had attracted me to her in the first place was those gorgeous eyes and lovely smile. They was mesmerizing. She was wearing this dark pink bustier, black garters, sheer nude stockings and black cum F**k me high heels. It was all too much for me, the blood started rushing from my head to my other head. BOING!!! Adjustment 8-[

    She introduced herself and described to me a little about the newly renovated foyer; that the 2 chandeliers were made of Austrian crystal (I told her it looked like glass to me). We then went to the bar (where she was nursing her cappuccino) for a drink. There I also met Laci Ann who was very attractive with her sexy slightly southern (Georgia if I am not mistaken) accent. Anna made me feel very comfortable as we talked for a little while getting to know each other (I could not stop looking at her eyes and not only is she beautiful on the outside, but her life away from MLBR is one of the most "giving of yourself others" careers that I have ever met). I told Anna and Laci that I was Shavdpussyeater on the message board, which made them happy to finally meet me and put a face on my handle name.

    Anna gave me the tour of the ranch, shower room, VIP room and other areas which was great. We finished the tour at her room which was nice and had its own bathroom (which she told me was better than her last room). She answered all of my questions and was never aggressive during our "negotiations" which made me feel very relaxed. We then went to pay for my (our) party, where I met Madam Suzette (very cool).

    We picked up a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses from the bar then headed to the VIP room. Anna did the required "member inspection" then we started our party. Anna has a very curvaceous body which I longingly explored caressing every smooth curve. All of her body is REAL, if you know what I mean; which I love. Her lips was full, soft, moist and luscious her kisses was good too. Heh! Heh! Anna was fantastic and her smooth soft pussy full of sweet nectar that tasted so delicious that I had to have seconds Mmmmm.....She has a very talented tongue, which I can still see swirling around.....Anna has great control of her pussy which squeezed my.....I held on and squeezed her firm round kissable lickable ass while sliding .......Lets just say that we really enjoyed every second of our party. [smilie=kiss of love.gif] [smilie=kiss of love.gif] [smilie=kiss of love.gif]

    The only regret that I have is I did put enough planning into my trip. :evil: So I could only spend a couple of hours :cry: with Anna before I had to leave to catch my flight out. So the next time I visit I will plan to stay in town for a day or two. That way I can spend 4 - 5 hours inside of, I mean with Anna.

    Anna I want to thank you for our (though short) time together. I must spend more time in and around that dimple of yours next time. :wink: [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

  2. Shavd,

    Thanks for the great report. I'm glad to see you appear to have had as good a time as I did. ;)

    I'll have to banish the story of your botched landing from my mind in order to fly home this Thursday. :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I hope you make it back to see me sometime soon, though I realize it's a long journey for you.

    Thanks for everything!
  3. Anna,

    It was my pleasure to be with you. Have a safe trip because we need to continue our party.

    [smilie=kiss of love.gif]

  4. Speaking of which... has anybody heard from Shavd lately?
  5. No I haven't,
    But I love the new signature photo!
    You are beautiful as always.

    Thank you again for a great visit back in January. You make me want to get back to see you and spend all my money. My wife wouldn't like that very much though. "You did what?!" :shock:

    Her surgery is set for the 21st. She should be in the hospital for 5-7 days then home for 4-5 weeks. It's going to be tough for her but I hope to take off as much time as I can from work to take care of her.

    Miss you and Evanka!
    Have a happy and safe Valentine's Day!
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  6. Bumpalicious. :D
  7. Re:

    Let's get bumpalicious next time you're in town! ;)
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    Wow, that review got me "stimulated". :twisted:

    If I can get that excited with mental images, I wonder how I'll react when in very close proximity of the real thing? =P~
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    We have a recommendation for Anna's "Blow Privilege". This sounds like a recommendation for her "Dining at the Y" menu option :D

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