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  1. Anna Mills and I had out first 1.5 hour GFE (girl friend experience) party in late September. WOW! Anna should be a must visit and party on your next trip to the MLBR.

    Anna has several outside interests centered on LA. If you do not see her posted availability dates, send her a PM and E-Mail suggesting a party during the period that you are planning your trip. With a little flexibility, Anna just might be able to fly in for a special party with you.

    Our party was a huge success. I addition to her other party specialties, Anna is the perfect girl friend. We made out like we were both still in high school as well as got it on, in and off several times with several other activities. Anna is sweet, highly desirable, very sexy, and open to suggestions. If you would like the perfect girl friend, Anna should be that girl (of course, in fact, she is a real lady).

    We ended our party by cuddling in the hot tube in her room. We then spent some time talking (and hugging) in the parlor and had a bunny supper.

    I am certainly planning return visits to the MLBR and additional parties with Anna. You should also plan and have your own party with Miss Anna Mills
  2. I can definitely second that. My time with Anna was some of my most memorable. She's incredible and very multi-talented. I'm so glad I got to meet and party with her.
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    Glad you both had a good time.
  4. OMG guys! You are making me blush. I can't wait to see you guys again :)
  5. Anna has made me blush a few times :)
  6. rick you are just silly!

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