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  1. This previous Saturday was my first trip to the Bunny Ranch. I had been thinking about going off and on for the last few years. It was always a tough decision for me because it would not only be my first trip it would be my first period. So this year I finally decide to go for it. I read the message board and contacted a few of the girls before finally deciding on CoCo.

    When I arrived at the ranch and met CoCo, she could tell how nervous I was. She is very friendly and was able to put me at ease very quickly. After the tour and negotiations, we relaxed and got to know each other a little better in the hot tub. All I’ll say about the rest is WOW! We ended the party with a couple of games of Wii sports, which CoCo is very good at. We then went to the lounge and talked for a bit before parting ways.

    As I have said, I was very nervous about the whole experience. I will admit to thinking about backing out several times, but thankfully never did. I still can’t get over how great the whole experience was.

    Thanks again CoCo
  2. CoCo is amazing and definitely knows how to treat people who are there for their first time (whether it be their first time at the ranch or first time period). You made an excellent choice. :)
  3. always a great choice!
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    I know you were anxious about your first experience, but I am glad you decided not to back out. I really enjoyed getting to know you, and hopefully you will be back again! Keep in Touch and Stay Sweet!!!! xoxo...CoCo

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