American Music Awards

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. Do a google search and ck out this event, I will be there on the Red carpet.

    or Click Here

    I am taking my Bitch Ron Jeremy.

    What Bunny's should be on my arm?
  2. well i would take Alexsandra and Peyton if i were you, but they may not be the outgoing public i really don't know.

    Maybe take the tried and true Becca and umm.....Taylor Sterling?

  3. Good choices, Peyton is at home in the midwest and I did not see A.

    Both would be good choices. I would be proud to have them on my arm.
  4. Can I sign up to be considered ? I would love to be on your arm for this or any other event for that matter. But then I can't promise that once we were seated that I wouldn't tease you throughout the whole show. You have that effect on me and would turn me into a bad Bunny. :twisted:

    Jamie Lee :wink:
  5. Aleksandra

    I think Aleksandra is a great choice to take......

    I would support Jamie too but isn't she at home as well right now?
  6. I would love to take you, maybe next time.
  7. I think u should take Suzette!
    :cry: :cry: :cry:
  9. It's OK, Aleksandra. I will buy you some champagne at karaoke this week. OMG!!! We could get all dressed up for karaoke, and I will present you with the "karaoke queen" award for the week!!! :p :wink:
  10. Did you miss out, Alex? Did Dennis look for you and not find you?


  11. YAY! OK! What are we gonna wear? Love the new signature, cutester mc beccles!
  12. awards

    So who is or did Dennis take?
  13. Dennis took Kandi, me, Wendy, and Ron looked pretty sexy on Dennis' arm... ;) it was a blast!!! and i want pictures!!!!
  14. cordelia

    Hi cordelia, I heard you had a great time. keep in touch. and cum out and visit us sometime.
  15. I will certainly try Madam Suzette!!! been soooooo busy!!! i miss you guys though!!! MUAH!!!!
  16. I miss you cordy, I went to the Billboard Music awards last nt, it was to cool and the red carpet was much better.

    There were cool parties afterward.
  17. awwww....sniffle...i wasnt invited this time!!! who'd you cheat on me with!!!? lol

  18. Honey you have to stay in touch with me!1

    I went to the Billboard on Dec the, it was really good and the private after party was to cool.

    Dec 19Th it was the Radio Music awards, we loved it. The after party their could not have been any better unless you were there with me.

    COME HOME!!!! CALL ME!!!!

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