Amazing Brooke!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by mike0830, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. I made my first visit to the Bunny Ranch last week and was lucky enough to be shown around by the lovely and stunning Brooke. She was unbelievably nice, funny and outrageously sexy. I'm glad she walked in front of me during the tour of the ranch because she looked absolutely amazing! I told her that I primarily came to check out the place and have a few drinks but I couldn't resist after being blown away by her. I've read some of the other posts and they're all true: Brooke is a very cool, down to earth girl who can absolutely rock your world! I would have been kicking myself if I didn't get to spend the extra 'quality' time with her even though my friends thought I was crazy for not spending the whole day with her after I showed them her pics. Brooke, thanks again for a perfect introduction to the Bunny Ranch and if my friends aren't lying, I'll be seeing you soon so that my buddies can get the full Brooke experience!!!

    P.S. I hope you took my advice and put your old clothes on Ebay. Guys (and girls) would kill to have them and you'd make a fortune!
  2. awwww....that's SO sweet!!! :oops:

    You're very welCUM...I had a great time with you as well!! I'm glad you did change your mind and decide to spend some personal time with me ;)

    Can't wait to see you again and meet all your friends!!

    p.s...Haven't ebayed my clothes yet, but definitely taking it under serious consideration...(just need to figure ebay out) 8)
  3. I was completely shocked by your quick response but that's what makes you the best. I'm being absolutely honest when I say that I wasn't planning on having a party with any of the girls at the ranch and I even swore to my co-workers that I wouldn't either but I don't regret it one bit. You made me feel right at home and were as accomodating as possible. I really hope I get a chance to see you sometime soon and my friends are dying to meet you.

    I'd love to take you up on your offer to become the marketing director for Brooke Taylor Entrprises and I'm an expert at Ebay! I CUM really cheap! Thanks again for an awesome experience and Dennis is very lucky to have such a classy girl at the bunny Ranch.

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