Alana Wants to be a Bunny

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by alanaruth, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. My name is Alana i wanna be a bunny so bad! i sent an email like 6 months ago and one today. I hope i get rely back. i want to be a bunny ASAP. Im willing to do anything
  2. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    They haven't made you a bunny yet ok she needs to go to the top of the list Nice pics on myspace hun
  3. Thank you

    Thank you so muc, it sounds weird but this is my dream, i told my family today and they said as long as i am happy. i love showing my body off and pleasing men. it means everything to me to be able to be an employee there. thank you for the comment :D
  4. CalGuy95
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    CalGuy95 Well-Known Member

    Alana...I agree, you're a very pretty girl!
  5. 8) You score high on my Hottie scale Alana. Cheers :D
  6. your so pretty...and were the same age...hopefull we get picked together LOL.
  7. kevinz0071
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    kevinz0071 Well-Known Member

    Alana and roxi together Hmmmmm Kevin pauses as bad but sexy thoughts enter his brain whew down boy lol have fun ladies hope you make it to bunnyland.
  8. alana you are a hottie. hopefully i can get to vegas on my next vacation and hopefully you are down their working b/c i would loved to party with you.
  9. She's hot, Vipguy wants alanaruth to be a bunny to. :lol:
  10. And I'll be right there to pick the 2 of you too 8)
  11. You should be a Bunny. I'd be your first customer!
  12. i would defianly let you take my virgity
  13. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday For Any Beautiful Bunny Babe! Little Cat
  14. Wow you are hot! :wink:
  15. As I am looking back at all the touching comments (oh, i mean touching!) I am really excited to hear back from them, I know that if you try at something long enough and work hard you can have and get anything! I can't wait to be surrounded by hott women and men, It is a dream of all im sure, thank you for making comments and keep your fingers crossed for my career :D
  16. Alana you're getting rave reviews already! :) I can't imagine you not becoming a bunny. Just keep up the work and I'm sure you'll get picked. You'd be an awesome bunny and it sounds like people are already clearing their calendars. haha

    Good luck!
  17. Thank you, I am very lucky with everyone bumping me up and saying such wounderful things, thank yo and good luck to all the girls and I can't wait to set a party up with all the nice men on here if you come in, XoXo, Alana [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  18. PWC24
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    PWC24 Well-Known Member

    What do they put in the drinking water in Seattle....first Anna Suvari and now you....WOW....I guess the tradeoff is beautiful women for bad sports teams!!
  19. Sounds like a fair trade to me :)

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