airport closest to the ranch?

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  1. flying in from east coast to see Jewel ( if she'll respond to my PM.)

    And yes, I am a girl! :wink:
  2. :D I think the closest airport to the ranch would be in Reno, but I am not sure :D
  3. You are correct, it is the RENO/TAHOE airport... kisses Fire

  4. :D Thank You, my dear :D
  5. Party Man has it right. Reno International is the closest airport.

    Party Hardy


  6. :D Thank You, again :D
  7. thanks guys (and ladies!)
  8. If you like to drive Sacramento is about 2 1/2 hour drive from the ranch. Thats another airport you can try 8)
  9. closest airport

    reno tahoe airport in reno nevada. we have drivers available. just call 1888 bunnyranch.

  10. :D You're quite welcome, my dear :D
  11. how long does it take to get from reno tahoe airport to the bunny ranch?
  12. Reno/Tahoe

    We have sedans and limos very cheap, call 1 888 bunnyranch and the cashier will take care of you.

    We rental cars companies are here and cheap.

    I suggest you stay at
    Hampton inn
    Holiday inn express
    Pinion Plaza
    all in Carson city. all within 6 minutes.

    Contact Madam Suz, she knows what day Jewel Box is back.

    Don't be offended re returning e mails or pm's.

    I used to date Jewel, are in for a REAL GOOD time, trust me.
  13. when i'll come at the bunnyranch pizza party, i'm not gonna *party* since i only can get to the u know if i can stay up all night with the girls and wait til my plane comes?
  14. I am sure we can work something out, but there are hotels in the area also.
  15. ok thanks daddy D!

    i'll try to put money aside for a hotel but i dunno if i'll have enough money for that..dont forget it takes more $ canadian to make a $ US

    i hate money
  16. I heard recently that Canadian $$ was strong.... 0.88 to the US dollar... anyone know if that is true?
  17. yeah i know its strong..its true but still..

    anyway ill do my best to have the most possible for a hotel room if not i'll stay awake til the a nite bird anyway.
  18. I hope you have a safe journey :D .
  19. thanks fellow canadian :wink:

  20. Anytime :wink:
  21. Just a question ..

    How big is Carson City?
  22. Its the state capital!! Its just big enough to have some good places to eat!!
  23. canadian dude,

    btw the plane to go to the ranch from canada costs from montreal to reno 534$ CAN with westjet.

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