Airforce Amy

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  1. My wife and I visited with Amy for our vacation. She is a total professional and made us feel at ease. The time went fast but worth the price of admission. For the best time just tell her what you want. She is very accommodating!
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  2. Awww my goodness THIS is very nice that you took the time to write the review. I know signing up for the message board and spilling your guts about a very personal venture isn't everyone's or hardly anyone's cup of tea. THANK YOU so very much for honoring my request.

    And especially with couples, I find my couples tend to be extra discreet as they are so very, very out of their comfort zone and stepping and operating outside the box, I totally get it.

    I just love the courage and vulnerability and trust that the ladies and gentleman place in my most capable hands and heart.

    I love to watch the evening or afternoon unfold like a flower blooming as we relax into each other's company and let nature with a light guiding and gentle hand steer the course of ourmany many pleasurable moments of delight to treasure forever which are so very hard to ever put into words but which forever etched in our memories and hearts to build upon until we meet again to make some more delicious and decadent and delightful memories again. Thanks again you two crazy love birds! And Happy, Happy Birthday! Cheers!!!!!

  3. Thanks again freinds![smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  4. I reminisce on this day and cannot for one's birthday in December!
  5. Yeah, us ladies know for sure..... sadly, that we are sometimes paid to "disappear" as much as we are to have "been there".

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