Air Force Amy and Bunny Love...

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  1. I decided to spend my 40th Birthday at MBR and set up my appointment with Air Force Amy a while back after having had so much fun with her the last time I was there.

    I arrived a little early and they were just finishing up the BBQ, that you probably read about in Pogus' post. Really cool guy to meet in person after chatting with him several times over past several months in the chat room, and the food was great.

    Then we went back to Amy's room, where the only question was who was going to be the second girl to join us, and Amy suggested Bunny Love, and that sounded like fun to me too :) In total I spent 5 hours with Amy, and Bunners hopped in for the last half of my time there.

    I thought my time with Air Force Amy was mind blowing before, but that last visit was just a teasing taste compared with the pleasure of spending time with her on Monday. I guess her liscence plate says it best TH4CE, "The Force" for those of you like me who didn't recognize it right away. She's definitely an unstoppable force of fun and pleasure, and I doubt we would have noticed if a disaster struck outside the room.

    Once Bunny Love arrived, things just got even better, and it was definitely Heaven on Earth with both Amy and Bunners. These beautiful ladies are beyond amazing and have a rare chemsitry together that was my privelege to enjoy with them. At first I just felt a tiny bit guilty that I didn't have 4 arms to pay full attention to both at the same time, but there was too much fun and enjoyment to be had.

    Just as much fun as the physcial pleasure with these ladies, was also the time that we took breaks to rest and just chat. You'll find both of them are very nice with a good sense of humor, and each of them definitely had me laughing just about life in general and things going on. Amy has those warm brown eyes you just get lost in and Bunner's blue eyes are easy to feel like you're floating among the blue sky. I'm not sure which is more like a cat, which I get the impression when either one gets that mischievious glint in their eyes and know something is about to happen.

    I don't drink alcohol and they did tease me at the end of the evening about whether I should stay the night or if able to drive after drinking so much water, ( I lost count on how many bottles of water I drank just trying to stay hydrated from our activities :twisted: ) I slept extremely soundly and happily that night.

    I will never foget this visit, and I still sometimes get that idiot school boy smile just thinking about it even now. My only regret is I couldn't bring them home with me.
  2. I was already missing you on the drive back to Reno...hehe.

    No, someone else took it down. When I was working on my mother's business website yesterday. Since she was the one that made the sign, I got "the look" when she saw it wasn't there until she found out who really took it down.

    I thought women never aged beyond 29? Isn't just 29again?
  3. I know it has been many years since seen one, but I seem to remember Playboy rarely had anyone over the age of 19. So they don't count...hehe.

    Besides 29again is sexier, more fun, and knows what they like :)
  4. I remember Air Force Amy and Bunny Love at Lalapalooza!!! :) :) What a time that was!!!! 8) 8)
  5. a nice stiff glass of water :p

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