Afroman Music Video party

Discussion in 'Dennis Hof and Madam Suzette' started by Dennis Hof, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Man was it off the hook, DJ Polo, stranje and Afroman did one hell of a job.

    The bunnies were off the hook and Bunny Luv was dancing her fine ass off.

    Becca got drunk and these two who hated each other now are lovers, man do things change quick here.

    You all missed a huge ass party. Wish you were here.
  2. WOW!!

    Sounds like it was off the hook--but then again that was expected to be the case.

    So Kylie and Becca are now more than enemies. I guess it proves the addage "keep your friends close and your enemies closer!"
    Was it a private party or where you invited???

    I hope you had a great time Dennis.

  3. You can appreciate how crazy this was, I was blown away and it was hot as hell.

    I wonder if they are both saying "what the hell was I thinking" Maybe we can all live happily ever after
  4. It would be awesome if the 3 of you could live happily ever after in

    I would think that might be a threesome made in heaven, 2 hot chicks - one blond-one brunette and you in the middle. Quite a tasty sandwich that would be. Not quite as good as a twin sandwich but it will have to due....

    I am sooo glad you are back.:)

  6. Nice speaking!

    Dennis Hof,
    Wanted to send you a note to let you know that this is my first time to your site and I have to say everything looks really great! (all the girls, that is, lol)!

    Not sure if you remember me but you spoke at our rotarty meeting last friday and I was the younger (big) guy you came up to me and shook my hand i'm also the new guy to rotarty and moved here from chico (3 months ago).

    Just wanted to say Whats up and I thought you did a great job and you were a joy to listen to and very enjoyable. I think I might be the guy who isn't at rotarty next time you end up talking becuause i ll be that guy who is at the ranch while you are speaking, lol.

    Sorry I mised your VIP Birthday party but I was in SF for a Bachorlette/birthday party of our own but i'm sure it didn't compair to yours. Maybe if you have any other gatherings I can take a rain check for missing this last one.

  7. Re: Nice speaking!

    Thanks have fun with my board family.

    I enjoyed speaking to your rotary club, some of them came to my party, you will be there next year.

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