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    A few years ago, when my marriage was happy and open, I was in contact with someone I met on I’ve been on the site for years, even since before my marriage. Now I have gotten ladies on IM, but this one decided to email me.

    She presented herself as a Domme and wanted me as her sub. I’m not good at all at this S&M stuff, and not really good at being a sub. I’m sure I could, but I’m like my ex wife in a sense. But she was really pouring it on.

    The emails went back and forth, where she detailed a fantasy where after going shopping, she’d pull down my pants, revealing I’m wearing her underwear, and peg the hell outta me.

    I responded that she better lube that thing up well coz I’m an anal virgin, giving and receiving.

    Another email stated that we would travel to foreign lands, as she’s in the jewelry business, and during our travels, we would have a more vanilla relationship and save the BDSM stuff for home. She also decided to try to rename me Damon.

    I responded with, “Where the hell were you before I got married? I’d have jumped at this then! But now, I am married! I have a daughter! I work two jobs! I’m gonna have a hard time explaining that I’m gonna leave for weeks at a time with my side action!

    “And why the new name? Isn’t the name I’ve had all my life good enough? By default, Nick has many variants for pet names, you can call me Nicky like one of my exes did and made it sound sexy. Or Nicky-poo! Or Nicky Babe! Wait, that’s too vanilla. Any of those would work. Damon does not lend itself to cute variants. So no, I veto that name.”

    I told ya I was a shitty sub! And one of my exes did call me Nicky. I was her “sweet adorable Nicky,” her “sexy Nicky,” and I gotta say, hearing “Fuck me, Nicky” during sex was hot! Too bad it was the only time. :(

    She emails me back, calling me Damon, keeping with consistency, and tells me she has no problem with me being married, and that I need to use condoms on our sexual encounters. No problem there! When I was single, I always carried a bunch when I went out...just in case. I was never unprepared. Best to have condoms when you don’t need them vs not having one when you do.

    Then came this part.

    “You must send me $700 so I can build my dungeon that you and I will play in.” She rattled off a list of implements like cages, whips, chains, ball gags, handcuffs, etc.

    So this conversation, which was already bullshit to begin with, turned out to be a scam. Nicky don’t play that!

    I wrote back, “Mistress, you disappoint me! A good mistress would have had all of that stuff already for her sex slave. And for someone in the jewelry business, you squander your money so easily. This is not going to work. Goodbye, mistress.”

    Then comes the sympathy card, where she tells me her last sub ran off with everything, and blah blah blah, but I was done with it. I never responded, and the conversation ended there.

    Open marriages...they’re crazy!
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    Ah geez. A Wannabe. I am a switch but I lean toward being a natural sub. I even looked into becoming a Findom because the premise is quite sexy.... Your subs give you money for nothing - you don't even have to meet them. But I found the fetish (like most fetishes) is more than it appears on the surface. To be a good Findom you have to BE that naturally. The Powerplay relationships that work are "relationships" not role-plays. You can't just say the magic words and people do what you tell them to do.

    Great story. You sure attract some interesting characters. LOL
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    Plus, I had IM’d with someone, might have been the same person, that also asked for $700 for the same thing. I told her I don’t have $700, she then told me $400 would do. I didn’t have that either. All communication had stopped after that.

    Yeah, my ex came out ahead on the open marriage, but those guys might have been in the bullpen waiting for their call up. These days, they don’t answer when she calls. I wonder why...
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