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  1. Visited a Bunny Ranch facility several weeks ago. Was most graciously received by one of the most elegant, lovely, and nubile young women in America. Not to mention her by name, out of a) discretion, and b) the belief that any/all of the fine professionals at either BR1/BR2 could provide similarly, depending simply on the chimie of the individuals that find their way to each other.

    Our time together was completely wonderful. In virtually every specification, her form and her attentions were perfect. Where not perfect, completely Human and Real... and therefore all the more the wonderful.

    When I flew ultralight airplanes, I used to tell people who had not that it was like... Flight: the Way You Dream About It. In a completely analogous way, so also was Sex, à la mode MBR.

    Metaphorically, among those who have received their aviation training from our various armed forces.... the quality of this experience is better than anything you could Find or Get or Buy.... Anywhere. Ever. Even if you had all the money in the world.

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