A Tantric sexual Journey begins by getting back to basics

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    You are not your thoughts, you witness them.
    Now this is very different from saying that your thoughts create your reality.
    Again, just contemplate, you are not your thoughts, you witness them.

    There is ever present a silent witness.

    You are not your body or emotions. You experience them.

    It is always present. This witness. Ever present.

    never to die

    The ego is ever changing, adapts theories and accumulates and records data accommodates it into likes and dislikes, shaping itself daily, moment by moment creating itself over and over with pre existing conditions.
    In one lecture memory being older than the Ego was mentioned. Describing an experiment where you try to recollect your oldest memory. Deep into the memory banks till you get to the one without sound or words maybe...I recall my first memory being of being months old on my mother's lap and a dog coming down the path that led to the entrance of the farm. I confirmed it by describing the scene and my mother's jaw dropping and mother saying "that's correct! But so long ago, you couldn't have been even a year old then".

    Once you reach your earliest memory stay there for a while, so that you may easily have it for contemplation during next few days. Connect to it and meditate.

    If you reach a very early one where you can hear but language has not been programmed in yet, even better.

    Those are good and much can come from them as you feel yourself existing pre Ego.

    Experient means having experience.

    And in this same lecture it was stayed so appropriately for Tantra:

    "The Experient in you is the same as the Experient in Me"

    There is only One Experient.

    Which is why I describe that indeed you do begin with:
    experiencing yourself as the true Energy being that you are, then manipulating your energy, then being open to the experience of experiencing another person as the true energy being that they are, manipulating their energy, then sharing and exchanging energies but ultimately in Tantra you realize that there really is no exchange because there is only one.

    You do create it all. Many say it in a very simple way describing it as such:
    every time you open and close your eyelids you create all and destroy all.

    And I add trust to the mix. Trust yourself and the energy being you are. Many say "but I can't"
    however, you can begin to work on trust because you are able to trust that you will wake up every night when you go to sleep.

    Since Tantra is about presence and surrender these small points I am sharing are very useful to you building your practice and/or simply enhancing your life.

    Trust yourselves in knowing the way and the answer. Whatever you feel or visualize when navigating the tantric path, go with it.
    Listen to and feel your heart.
    Embrace the freedom and let go of limitations, categorization (the good and bad categorizing), step out of duality when it comes to your true beingness and your sexuality.

    Once you get deeper (and I always use deeper because it isn't really higher or lower, better or worse etc. saying it that way to me already puts others levels or reach down instead of encouraging to keep swimming), so once deeper you realize that consciousness is everything and there is nothing that can obstruct it.

    So in tantric sexuality you do not think this or that, form, pose and make it duality based or difficult. Instead, what is shared by the wisdom of elders is to forget and let go of the programming, the how it should feel or has to feel, how Good or bad you are, how you fucked up your day or how your wife bitches, or how you may be sweating too much whatever your racing thoughts are chattering about. . . let it go.

    Really be Sex. Be the sexual experience itself. Why?
    Because there is only One.
    Because you ARE the sexual force energy, you are both one and one all.

    It is very transforming in terms of going from bumps and grinds to rhythm,flow, limitless vibration of the eternal pulsation in all.
    Imagine THAT orgasm.
    Imagine THOSE orgasms because you can repeat them and will once deep in that wave of being.

    It is indescribable and words can not do it justice except for how it is described as the psychedelic experience without the psychedelics.

    Tantric sexuality is indeed like sex on psychedelics but without them.

    We are raised with limitations but we really have none in terms of our experience of ourselves and another energy being. There is no good or bad in this.

    Simplify it. Don't over think what you have just read. Just let it flow through you as you contemplate it. Just inhale it.

    Samadhi refers to a state of meditative consciousness. It is a meditative absorption or trance.....And in Samadhi the mind becomes still.~ easily explained by Wiki so if not familiar with this word you can ease into this

    "In Tantra you are to remain unattached, even while using sex as a means to Samadhi, you have to remain unattached to sex absolutely neutral, absolutely like an observer, a witness just like a scientist working in his lab" Osho

    To this the conditioned mind says
    "Unattach to sex but I love it"
    Yes and you shouldn't attach yourself to things you love.

    Just let them be.
    So if you recall the child the inner early child and how the experience was just experienced.
    The child attempted walking and.got elated and so happy and rose up and maybe fell a few times but kept getting up because it was all about the experience and even if the child fell enough to cry that same child loved the experience so much so that he tried again and later that same child....

    So do not attach yourself to all this porn based limitations that may or may not be realistic and are at the very least limiting you on how far you can really go in the sexual experience.

    Much love and may you know that the sexual force energy in me honors the sexual energy force in you and perhaps during one wave in time we shall ride it together.

    Much love

    This was originally written for my Tantric journeys blog where it is © and only authorized for use here where I hope to share many tantric journeys with You.

    © 2018 Shakti Durga-Me
    My spiritual name and brand at Transformational festivals.
    Some blog content shall be exclusive for Bunny Blogs however I do continue teaching at national and international forums so bear with me. I had to put this particular content first on my personal blog and sharing here. Writing many different ones and keeping them profound would be a heavy load and there's only one kind of heavy load I like :)

    Shakti and Durga are Goddess names by the way
    Durga earth ..nurturing
    Shakti balances Shiva the masculine
    Shiva is the all and Shakti is the energy
    One can not exist without the other.

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    Hello, Mina, this is fascinating and I really hope I get to meet you this year.

    To this the conditioned mind says
    "Unattach to sex but I love it"
    Yes and you shouldn't attach yourself to things you love.

    Coincidentally, I just ran across the poem "Eternity" by William Blake the other day. I think it's expressing a similar idea:

    He who binds to himself a joy
    Does the winged life destroy
    He who kisses the joy as it flies
    Lives in eternity’s sunrise

    One of my earliest memories is standing up in my crib, reaching over the railing, and pulling clothes off their hangers.

    I've always felt that sex is a spiritual experience. I would love to be shown how it can be even more so. Will definitely be in touch. xo
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    I love your blog Mina.:)[smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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