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Discussion in 'Real Life Ranch Reports' started by Tickle Prince, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. On Wednsday evening I made my first trip to the ranch, and had the distinct pleasure of partying with Liv Wylder. Being my first time at a brothel, I was just a tad bit jittery at first. Shortly after I arrived, Liv came out and met me at the bar. She looked absolutey ravishing. After discussing our game plan and taking care of the business end of the deal, we got down to the fun stuff. Liv was incredibly awesome, and gave me the best party I could've ever imagined. When she saw how jittery I was, she was nice enough to run back to the bar and get me a glass of wine. And while I sipped my wine, she gave me a back rub. After that , I was relaxed enough to let the real fun begin. All I can say is wow. Liv is a verrry sexy ladie, and made this old dog feel pretty sexy too. I could't imagine a better canidate to take my "brothel cherry". We had a great time together, and hopefuly will meet again.[/b]
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    Tickle Prince,

    Great to hear you had an awesome time. I've seen a few of Ms. Wylder's films and can only imagine how grand your time was.
  3. Liv Wilder

    I envy you getting to party with Liv. She is my absolute dream lady to have a party with someday. I am an old dog myself. It is great to hear that she made you feel comfortable and that she entertained you so well. I only hope I can make it someday to the Bunny Ranch .

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