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  1. I sent Bunny some crayons and she informed me that she has not received them yet. I checked with the Postal Service and they told me that the crayons were delivered on January 6th at 1:45 PM. My question is, is it possible that the crayons were delivered to the ranch and whoever handles the mail just hasn't given the crayons to Bunny yet? Any help is appreciated and Thank You! :)
  2. Bunny was talking about all the Crayons she got at dinner a few nights ago, I know she got them.
  3. Hello, I do know indeed that bunny received them and I saw the beautiful ones you sent. I am so jealous.
  4. I want some sugar free candy, no crayons
  5. Madam Suzette,

    Would you like me to send you some crayons, too? :wink:
  6. Hey Dennis,

    Would you like me to send you some sugar-free candy? :wink:
  7. I love sugar free stuff, thanks.
  8. Hi Dennis,

    You're very welcome! I will send you your candy as soon as I can. :wink:
  9. Hi Dennis,

    I got your sugar-free candy ready and I will be mailing it soon. :)

    Come visit us, I will make sure you have good time.
  11. Thank You, Dennis! :) I really appreciate that compliment. I am putting the funds together for my first visit to the ranch and I will definitely be visiting just as soon as I have the funds and when I visit, I hope that I will have an opportunity to meet you and Madam Suzette! :wink:
  12. Hey Dennis,

    Shall I tell you what kind of candy I got for you or would you rather be surprised? :wink:
  13. Why does Dennis need sugar free candy?.............
    Cuz he's sweet enough already! :D
  15. Because I am so sweet to my girls, they are scared my sugar will get to hi and I will be sweet to the world and lose me for a year.

  16. Dennis, you're cute! Thanks for humoring me, although I know it was a corny joke! :p
  17. yes, please. :lol:
  18. I will send you some crayons. :) Also, would it be possible for me to speak to you privately when I visit the ranch?
  19. oh goodie goodie gum drops , i can not wait.
    when do you think you might be here? i don't want to miss you. and yes, you can speak to me in private.

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