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  1. It is a simple question, and I am sure you are the man who can answer this. WHo tends to make the most money, the Blondes, the brunettes, or the red heads? I know most of the girls are blondes, so let's talk on an average per girl overall. I know I for one am a sucker for a cute red-head. My ex-wife was a red, my girlfriend after ehr was a redhead, and mt current girlfriend is a redhead. This is the reason I am curious.
  2. I thinks its the blondes, guys just love blondes. that being said personality and people skiils will take someone that is into blondes and move him right onto a redhead or an ethnic hottie.

    I tell the guys, party with the chick that wants to party with you the most, its always a good time.
  3. I see, I guess that makes sense. I just seem to have a thing for red-heads. I don't know where it stems from, maybe because red hair is very uncommon for some reason. :twisted: Well thanks for the answer, and if I am ever in theat neck of the woods with a good bit to spend, I may drop by.
  4. As a redhead, I would hope my never ending sex drive, charisma, and dare to be different attitude would change a few blonde lovers...I dared to be red when red wasn't cool....
  5. Put me thru the test. See if a redhead will work.
  6. LOL from what I see tonight.. you're all type no action...I'll stop the PM's now since you don't answer...night night folks!
  7. I used to think blondes were better.
    Now I know that blondes aren't better, anyone that is nice is better.
  8. I like red heads and brunette girl's that's my personal preference. Seems like blond and brunette get chosen the most.
  9. [smilie=call me.gif] Blondes huh? My favorite hair color is "big tits"." giggles"[smilie=call me.gif]
  10. LOL
    Betty you are the big titt queen !!

    I love to cum & laugh, you darn sure are funny! and from war I her from the boys great in bed
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    Blondes and brunettes do seem to be the most popular, probably do to more choices of those hair colors. Personally, I find all three to be beautiful, but looks only create initial interest. Its the woman's personality that will determine if I stick around or not.
  12. WELL said

    Steve will skills personality are more important than looks body and age
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    I like what you said here Kaynine. I think the same way as you do.
    Also Silent, I think redheads are beautiful.
    Let's not forget the asians, black girls, they are also a great part of the team. We have daily requests for ladies of all types.
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    Thanks Jade. :) I agree with you on the Asians and black girls, they are also very beautiful.
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