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  1. When I drove up to the bunny Ranch I noticed it’s new look & loved it. I planned on being with one girl but after the girls introduced themselves I sat at the bar & these two lovely Ladies came up to me & my brother. They introduced themselves, (Anna Mills, Nikki Breeze.) They took us on a tour of the whole ranch which was nice & interesting. Well we went back to Nikki’s room & we talked for a few minutes, then my brother left the room & we started with negotiations.

    We went back & fourth on a price then we got to a nice price, (thank u ladies) & after I paid Anna did the DI, we went back to her room to party. The party started off great, being naked with 2 porn stars is a turn on. I will not go into too much detail but when I got on the bed they put the condom on & started to give me oral, it was amazing (anna, Nikki if your reading this it was the best oral ever) As we progressed things started to get hot, my favorite part out of it all was when Nikki was on top of me while I was licking Anna’s u know what. This was the best sex I ever had & I will make sure to see them when I go back down in February.

    I want thank u Anna for that kinky thing u did to me (u know what I’m talking about) & thank you Nikki for the sweet kiss in your bedroom, that was the first time I’ve ever been kissed on the lips & I’m glad it came from you & the bunny ranch. You ladies made me feel sexy thanks so much for all your kindness. Brian KISS KISS :D :D :D :D
  2. OMG you are so much fun! We can't wait to see you again! I'm glad you are coming back! and btw you are a naughty boy!

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