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  1. Hi, I would like to hear from one or some of the ladies regarding a threesome for/with my husband. I am new to your site and a bit confused how to "talk" with someone. Do the ladies ever leave the ranch for dinner, dancing and a hotel room? Hoping to hear.
  2. Get to know the ladies.. PM them and talk with them about what you're interested in.

  3. I am not a Bunny, but I do know that you can take a Bunny on an "out date" very much like you described above. Contact the ranch and they can tell you more details about that and help you connect with the girl of your choice. Or you could send her a message. Most of their emails are in their profiles.
  4. hey, i was just asking the same thing about giving the gift to the hubby. How do u feel personally about this? Is it something you really want to do or something ur doing to please him? I have trouble with the pleasing just him thing. I want to be loved on too/ wht do u think
  5. Hi, my husband and I have had a threesome a couple of times. The experience was great but the aftermath was difficult. One of the women that we were with became emotionally involved and it caused some damage to our relationship. That is why we decided to go the "professional" route. We want the experience without any entanglements. I enjoy the threesome as much as he does and I get my "lovin too". It can be very sexy and lived over and over in the bedroom long after it is done. Just be sure that BOTH of you are clear as to what your expectations are before and after. Hope this helps.
  6. I really like what you said there! & yes, it's always smarter to take this to the professionals!
  7. We learned the hard way...no pun intended! :oops:

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