A Friday Night with Jenny

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  1. Just got back a while ago from a trip to Reno and of course a stop at the BR, and as usual it was an absolute blast (This was my third trip there). I had an appointment with Jenny, of course, for an overnight visit. Apparently she was very excited to see me because everyone I met kept telling me how she was bouncing around waiting for me to arrive. Originally I was going to come out around 7, but she coerced me into making it 4 instead (Ok, coerced probably isn't the correct term, as she suggested it and I said done! without even hesitating hehehe)

    When I got there I had an apple with a note on it waiting for me, which kinda threw me off for a few seconds, until Wendy the lovely bartender explained to me to think fairy tale. A couple minutes later Jenny came down the hallway. WOW!!! I'll only say this, I can never watch Snow White the same way ever again. After picking my jaw up off the floor I got a huge hug, and we sat and talked at the bar for a while, enjoying each others company. Then we went back to the bungalow to check it out real quick, and I have to say a huge thank you to Suzette and Dennis both again for showing me such amazing hospitality. The room was stocked with water and anything else we might need for the evening. We went back out and both decided we were hungry, so we ordered dinner from Dick's Roadhouse across the street, since they deliver, and have great food (the Hangar Steak was excellent). Jenny went and changed, and came out in the proverbial "little black dress" and looked absolutely stunning. So when that arrived we retired to the Bungalow and had our dinner there, along with a bottle of champaigne they had taken to the room for us.

    After dinner the fun really began, and continued the rest of the night and into the wee hours of the morning. I was lucky if I was able to get up for a minute just to get water! Thankfully I was able to sneak a couple sips of Jenny's Red Bull and Champaigne (don't laugh, it tastes really good). So when we finally were ready to drop from exhaustion, we both fell alseep for some much needed rest and recovery. When we woke up we stayed in bed for a couple more hours, Jenny went out and got us both coffee, as she takes excellent care of her clients, before going to the bar to chat some more and have more coffee before I had to leave. All in all another fantastic trip. I got to chat again with the lovely Audrey (Thanks for not smacking me off the barstool when I called you by your secret nickname hehe), as well as Eden, Kandi, Valentine, Gretchen, Alexis, and met Karla, Air Force Amy, Kitten and a lot more who's name escape me at the moment. (Sorry ladies)
  2. It's better than Disneyland , ain't it !?!?!?!
  3. they really put out and deliver i swear its goddamn amazing. (stop with the dirtyminds im talking about the service) your treated like an honnered guest. there really is no place like this anywhere.
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    Crash, that is an awesome report. Your report is a great illustration that shows how fantastic the MLBR really is, likewise with Ms. Lane, Dennis, Suzette and of course, the rest of the bunnybabes. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Are you back here yet? The champagne is chilling with the red bull!
  6. Overnight Visit


    After reading your report I am Curious who did you contact about the overnight visit. I would be interested in trying that with one of the bunnies. Any help would be appreciated.

  7. Sounds like an awesome time!
    I too would be interested in that overnight thing you had going.
    Thanks for the report and great time
  8. Pretty much what Pogus said is how it goes. I was fortunate enough to stay because I overnighted with Jenny, and she took care of all the arrangements. I had partied with her on my previous trip and while setting this one up she made it perfectly clear I was going to do an overnighter hehehe. It's all up to the Bunny, Suzette and/or Dennis whether or not you get to stay in the VIP rooms

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