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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

    Biography of a Cosmic Kitten

    1)Who's Lita Crystal-Skull?

    Little Weirdo, pleased to meet you! I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. The mountains will always be my home. Sometimes I'm a total tomboy, going camping, chopping wood, and starting fires. While other times I'm the essence of femininity, baking pies in the kitchen and hand washing delicates in home-made laundry soap. You'll feel naturally comfortable in my presence with my easy going attitude. When I'm not in the kitchen, you are most likely to find me out in nature. I have aspirations of studying naturopathic medicine; I've been told I have a healing touch, I love helping people and making them feel good. I have been cosmic kitten of the month numerous times now. Not only am I great a giving pleasure, I love receiving it too. I really care about my own orgasm, and if you happen to come too thats wonderful. The music I listen to is usually more on the heavier, darker side, but lately I've been getting into some interesting underground melodic rock. When the music booms from my speakers the mood is set, instantly drawing us into one another. Repeat clients are my favorite because I enjoy getting to know people well over the course of time, which leads to more and more intense orgasms each time. Even if you feel our time together will only be a once in a lifetime opportunity, I will do everything in my power to make it everything you've dreamed of, and more.

    2)How would You describe yourself?

    Although I stand just barely over 5 feet tall, I am a feisty little red head. They don't call me little weirdo for nothing, as I am quite eccentric and unconventional. I don't really care about what people think of me, but I care about them as people. Pole dancing is a fun way to stay in shape, maybe if you're lucky you'll catch me practicing doing some flips and twirls in the parlor. Just because I'm petite doesn't mean I can't be curvy too. Im between a 34C and 32D, 23 waist, and 31 hips, the perfect size to grab on to and have a lot of fun! I'm very humble and a great listener; as long as I have a cup of hot tea, I can listen for as long as you need me to ;)

    3)What Happens at the Alien Cathouse?

    Dreams come true, fantasies become reality, you can relax and be anyone you want to in a 100% safe, legal environment.
    Why don't you stop in for one of our complimentary tours with any one of the ladies (of your choosing of course) to kill that curiosity once and for all. Don't worry, there are no obligations for the tour, but tips are appreciated for the ladies time.

    4)Is this a strip club?

    No, this is not a strip club, this is a legal brothel owned by Denis Hof. However, we offer a variety of services, and we even have a stripper pole in our parlor. Some of the ladies (myself included) have mad pole skills and like to show off on occasion.

    5)Is there a hotel nearby?

    The Alien Cathouse and Alien Travel Center are located on highway 95 in Amargosa Valley, Nevada, about an hour and a half north of Las Vegas. If you party here, we offer complimentary bungalows if you spend enough money (which will be discussed in person at the Cathouse) There are even VIP suites which are incredibly luxurious. Plus, we offer complimentary sedan services to transport you to and from Las Vegas, or Pahrump at your leisure.

    6)Do you enjoy your work?

    Well I'm in the business of pleasure, I take my work very seriously. I'm a pleasure hound, always seeking it out whenever possible in every aspect of life. Being at the Cathouse is such a stress free environment so I get to focus all my attention and energy on the most important things in life, like giving and receiving orgasms!

    7)How Can I Talk to You Personally?

*Email me:[email protected] 
*I Personally ANSWER Each and every one of MY E-MAILs
    I POST DAILY ON THE MESSAGE BOARD LIVE Chat! “Online Daily” *Ask Me to *CHAT* Can’t Wait to Meet You.
*To ASSURE Skin on Skin Time Deposits Or Prior Arrangements Are Necessary.

    8)Sweet! So how much does it cost to party?

    BOOK Me Anytime through out 2017 in Advance with Deposit.
    We are a 24 hour house, stop by for a complimentary tour anytime. You can always call the house to put down a deposit for our adventure together. We can discuss all the dirty details of our party in person...Prices cannot be disclosed via internet.

    9)Isn't the Alien Cathouse the place where HBO's Hit 'Cathouse' series is filmed?

    If you know of the show, Cathouse, the name Dennis Hof probably sounds familiar to you. He owns the Alien Cathouse, as well as 5 other legal brothels and a cabaret. Dennis is an intelligent, highly motivated businessman. Since Dennis came onto the brothel scene he has done so much to change the face of the industry for the better, and that's how the idea for the show came to be, which has been filmed on location since 2005.

    10)Will I be filmed without my knowledge?

    No, everything is completely discreet and confidential. No one ever has to know you were even here unless YOU want them to. Feel free to tell as many or as few people as you want!

    11)What do you do when you're not at the Cathouse?

    My favorite thing is just getting to reconnect with nature and go hiking, and just get as far away from civilization, and people as possible. With that being said, the other side of me enjoys exploring the city lights of Vegas and people watching. There's some of that kinky, preverted voyherism in me showing ;) Where ever i go, you're sure to find me with at least one dildo.

    12)You do look like you are in great shape, what are your favorite workouts?

    I love pole fitness; it's fun and an intense full body workout.

    13)Are you Single?

    I'm your own personal GFE, casual sex, quickie, tantric love goddess, sex efficianado at the Alien Cathouse! All of my sexual energy is focused on pleasing you!

    14)Which Porno film did I see you in?

    Well if you saw it, then you must be part of a very exclusive group or one of the people who filmed it because it has never been released to the Internet. I filmed a solo masturbation video in a professional studio with a full crew of camera men to capture every angle.
    You can check out all my naughty pictures on all my social media accounts, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, and of course the Bunnyboards! Be sure to check out our weekly show at Alien on LiveStream, and follow the house on all the social media accounts to keep up with all our latest shenanigans.

    15)What did you do before this?

    Following my other passion in life, I became a ski instructor, which was both difficult, but fun and rewarding in many ways.

    16)Why did you quit?

    Because ski instructing is only seasonal and very dependent on the weather, it's not the most reliably lucrative job, especially when you're just starting out your career and life on your own.

    17)What are your Turn-Ons?

    Brains>Brawny, size<motion of the ocean, cologne<fresh shower+deoderant, Being submissive>being dominant
    Have good hygiene, show that you are kind and generous, some kind of intelligence, and care about nature.
    Be respectful to me, my time, my work, the house, all of the ladies of the house, Dennis Hof, and all of Dennis Hof's employees, and friends (we are practically one big high functioning, dysfunctional happy family)
    Calling the house to schedule an appointment with a deposit shows me you are really serious and are respectful; just thinking about it gets me going ;)

    18)Your breasts... are they real?

    They are my real, natural breasts,& that will never change!

    19)Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

    Hell yeah, I do, but only on my stomach with some pink stars running down my sex line as if guiding you somewhere magical. There is a tribal heart next to it on my stomach that means love is the fuel of the universe. & I LOVE SEX!

    20)Do you smoke?

    No, but you can and yes, I entertain smoking fetishes.

    21)What's your favorite drink?

    Green tea with ginger and sage, or Bombay Breakfast tea with a bit of honey and a splash of goats milk.

    22)What about alcoholic drinks?

    Lemonade should always have gin in it, and if lavender's somehow involved it will blow my mind!

    23)What kind of parties are your favorite?

    The best parties have been with respectful gentlemen who genuinely cared about me having fun. He's the kind of guy that wishes me nothing but the best in life, with a smile on his face, imagining me accomplishing all my dreams and more. I love getting to do something a little unusual, or even silly. My current favorite costume is Pikachu (as featured in my Harry Connor shoot), but Princess Leia is a close second. Two girl parties are double the fun, double the kinky ;)

    24)Can I make an appointment?

    Absolutely! It’s my best way to ensure that I will be available when you’re here. If you have specific dates in mind, I will do my best to line up my schedule accordingly. Call 775-372-5678 & press 0 to bypass the menu.

    25)Is there a Dress Code at the Cathouse?

    You are welcome to dress however you feel comfortable, however good hygiene can go a long way with a lady.

    26)Can I shower while I am there?

    Most definitely, in fact we offer complimentary showers in appreciation of ALL our truckers out there. Maybe you can even get the pleasure of sharing a shower with me ;) We have all the amenities you need to freshen up including toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, and deodorant.

    27)Can I bring my own music, videos, clothing, props, etc. for our party?

    Absolutely, I would love it if you did! You can even bring me a costume for a cosplay party! I'm very open minded.

    28)Is there any Gambling at the Cathouse?

    No, but there are Casinos within thirty minutes. I’ve even been known to be a source of good luck!

    29)What if I want to see you Outside the Cathouse?

    Unfortunately Nye county doesn't allow outdates, which means I can't see you outside the house. However, those kinds of dates are permitted in our sister houses up north.

    30)Is is true that you split the proceeds of your parties with the Cathouse?

    Yes, ladies receive 1/2 of what their clients pay.

    31)What is your favorite position?

    That's a tough one!
    I love missionary, girl on top, reverse cowgirl, & doggie. Try out one of my favorite positions with one of my sex belts made by SportsSheets.

    32)Do you kiss during parties?

    I love kissing!!! I love getting covered in kisses, don't you?!?!

    33)Do you allow pictures to be taken before, during, or after our parties? And what about filming?

    It's rumored I'm very photogenic, if you're a respectful gentleman, i will permit us to have a photo together as a reminder of my appreciation.
    We do ask that you put your phones away, and not to take photos or videos of the ladies without their knowledge or written consent.

    34)Are you a Squirter?

    Awesomely enough I am! :O Come get wet!

    35)Does size really not matter?

    I understand the size of a males phalice and ego are directly proportionate, however a man's ego and his ability to please a woman have absolutely nothing in common. Find the motion and ride that ocean baby! I am non discriminatory when it comes to size, shape, and color.

    36)Do you accept Married clients?

    Yes, sometimes couples are sent here for sexual therapy, or just to spice things up in the bedroom. Clients even set up a party as a surprise or gift to their significant other.

    37)Do you accept women as clients?

    Absolutely, I am truly bisexual.

    38)Can we bring another lady into our party?

    Of course, the more the merrier! You can pick the lady of your choice, or I can bring in a lady i already have established chemistry with, or even have a big orgy with ALL the ladies of the house! ;O

    39)I'm a Virgin & I'm very nervous. Can you help?

    Virgins...there are fewer and fewer of them every time I fuck one. From my experience collecting V cards as if they were Pokemon, i have learned that in this case the tortoise really does win the race. My naturally easy going attitude will make you ease into it as if we've known each other forever. I KNOW how to make it a spectacular and memorable, special experience just for us <3

    40)How many times can I climax during a party with you?

    When you're with me, I want nothing more than for you to just relax and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Those are my intentions for all that pass through my door ;)

    41)What should I bring to the Cathouse to be prepared?

    Bring whatever would make you feel comfortable, depending on how long you plan on staying. But for the most part you don't really need to bring anything other than yourself and your wallet. We accept all major credit cards except American Express. The girls are prepared with a variety of condoms and lube. Most girls have their own, but Sex toys are on sale at an unbeatable price along with an assortment of lube and massage oils. We supply showers, body wash, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. The Alien Travel Center is right next door along with Daddy D's diner.

    42)How much does it cost to visit? And what if I want to do more than visit?

    We are a 24 hour house, stop by for a complimentary tour anytime. You can always call the house to put down a deposit for our adventure together. We can discuss all the dirty details of our party in person...Prices cannot be disclosed via internet.

    43)What is this 'Menu' of which you are speaking about?

    The menu is just to give you an idea of all the options you have for your party.

    44)Screw the Menu, what if I just want to bend you over your bed and have my way with you?

    Rawr, I love a man that knows what he wants...

    45)I have some kinky ideas, can we explore my wild side together?

    Definitely, in fact I encourage you to! I'm very open minded so I'm down for trying new things, and showing you the ropes on what i already know and love...age play, role play, cosplay, foot fetish, blow jobs, threesomes, squirting...

    46)Is anything off limits?

    I do not allow any bodily fluids on me (but kissing is okay as i said before)

    47)So how much does it cost to have a party with you?

    It really depends on the type of party we have… My goal is for you to have the best time possible with me…and to make you come back time and time again!!! Pricing can only be discussed in My Private Suite.

    What are the hours of operation at the Alien Cathouse?

    Come in any time, we are open 24 hours, 365 days a year! That's right, we are ALWAYS open!!!

    49)Which airport should I fly into?

    You should fly into Las Vegas at the McCarran International Airport.

    50)Where would I stay?

    The Cathouse is about an hour & a half-hour drive from there. We can even pick you up! Just call 775-372-5678 before you board your plane to arrange for your complimentary sedan service. You can stay with me if we do an overnight, and there are VIP suites & bungalows available on property as well.

    51)Should I give a tip and/or a gift?

    Although I'm a sex worker, this is still the service industry. If you feel I went above and beyond your expectations to please you, you can leave a tip to show your appreciation.

    52)What accommodations are available?

    Besides my private suite, we have several specialty rooms and two VIP rooms, as well as four bungalows. Our specialty rooms include a spa for massages, an asian wet room with a bubble machine and nuru massage bed, we have a hot tub and fire pit out back, and currently working on remodeling another specialty room for BDSM.

    53)Is billing discreet?

    Completely, Nobody will be able to trace your visit to the Alien Cathouse.

    54)Testing? What kind of testing is done?

    Courtesans are tested weekly for a wide assortment of sexually transmitted diseases. The testing process is state-regulated and mandatory. Our background check is cleared through the Sheriff’s Dept. and our health exam is cleared before we are allowed to engage clients in any way.

    55)What about other pre-cautions?

    I visually inspect clients for obvious signs of STDs. In addition to that, of course, condoms are used during all activities. A variety of sizes, sensitivities and colors are provided. I’m also vaccinated against HPV. Further precautions may be taken on a case-by-case basis. I take your health and mine, Very seriously!

    56)How often does STD transmissions occur in Brothels?

    I encourage you to do your own research, I did. It’s a documented fact that in more than 30 years of state record-keeping, not a single incidence of STD transmissions have occurred in a legal brothel here in Nevada. Not one! Again, you’re astronomically safer here than in your neighborhood meat market.

    57)What if I'm active in the military, a Veteran, a student, a Teacher, a first-time visitor, police, firefighter, or if it's my Birthday? Do I get any special privileges?

    Yes, you came to the right girl!

    58)I have a disability, erectile difficulties or special medical needs. Can you work with that?

    Of course, in fact I have some experience working past these kinds of hiccups on our sexual expedition, and i assure you it in no way has to hinder our ability to have Blast off into a Galaxy of pleasure!

    59)What attracted you to the sex industry?

    When I started out as a waitress in the strip club i was immediately entranced by the dancers like a sailor to a mermaid. Except instead of a ship crashing into some rocks, it was just me carrying a tray of drinks... A wet disaster nonetheless! Obviously that didn't last long, as the stage was calling my name, I had spent hours practicing preparing for my time to shine. In no time, I was up on the pole strutting my stuff, and impressing everyone with my hardcore style and surprising strength.

    )Why did you make the change from stripper to working girl?

    I felt I was spending entirely too much time in the strip club, and my muscles needed a break. I have repeatedly failed to understand the meaning of, "take it easy". My body has finally recuperated though, but I will never go back to being a full time dancer in the club. I prefer being able to be more of my authentic self, than JUST a nice piece of ass to be oggled. Like damn, can't i be both?

    61)Do you have toys you like to incorporate into your parties?

    You bet I do! I love my toys, but I feel like I can never have too many! I have everything from sex belts for added comfort and control for certain positions, a vibrator, and collection of glass dildos, to an array of butt plugs & even handcuffs.
    Feel free to bring your own, or buy one just for our party, as we even have an awesome selection of toys to buy right here at the Cathouse.

    62)How long have you been in the industry?

    I started out as a stripper in March 2015, then came to the Alien Cathouse July 4th 2016. So technically this is my two year anniversary of being in the industry! (I know, I'm just a baby)

    63)How old do you have to be to have fun ash the Alien Cathouse?

    To enter the house, you must be at least 21. However, there is no maximum age limit, so you're still welcome even if you're older than dirt!

    64)How did you come up with a name such as Lita Crystal-Skull, it's kind of a mouthful?

    With Lita ford in mind, because of her bad bitch attitude towards life, she is just an inspiration to me. Wearing skulls is my signature style, and whats more metal than skulls? What's more mysterious than the infamous Crystal skulls?

    65)You look incredibly young...

    My adorable face gets me into just as much trouble as it gets me out of, however I assure you all of the ladies working for Dennis are of legal age. You have to be at least 21 to enter the Cathouse, that goes for everyone. We carefully follow the laws as we want to continue running a completely legal, safe, and fun business. I have gone through the same licensing process as every other legal licensed working girl in the state of Nevada. HOWEVER, I do offer age play (like role play) and I can be whatever age you want me to be! ;)

    66)When is your birthday?

    Libra here, goddess of justice and equality, I was the perfect ten, 10/10!

    67)I send messages all the time asking you to call or chat, why don't you?

    I take the time out of my busy day to answer hundreds of messages and emails personally, and try to stay in communication as much as possible. I simply can't call or chat with everyone who wants me to. At times it can all get a tad overwhelming, so remain calm if you don't get an immediate response. Thanks for your patience and understanding, know that i appreciate your interest in me, and that you have not gone unnoticed.

    68)What if I become a client? Can I get you to call me then?

    I like to establish as strong of a connection as possible with each individual, and make an effort to grow that connection all the time. It's a lot of ongoing work that is crucial to always improving the level of connection and therefore intensities of our parties with each encounter. Communication can happen through many platforms such as social media, emails, or even the Bunny boards.

    69)How come you won't send me nudes?

    When you're blessed with the privilege of being a Lita regular, you will be absolutely blown away at the rewards bestowed upon you.


    What is your specialty?

    I'm an intimacy specialist, I'm very soft from my physical skin to my demeanor. Experience the art of tantric sex, get the girlfriend experience, cosplay/role-play/age-play, cuddle party, or even just oral sex-giving and receiving! ;P Don't be afraid to ask me if I like it rough though either. I have been in my fare share of mosh pits at metal concerts, I know how to have a hell of a time!!!

    I guarantee you will leave more than satisfied. I promise to do everything in my power to give you unparalleled attention and affection that will make you feel like a king. If you like my pictures, you'll surely be lusting after my natural beauty when you see me in person. I believe orgasms are close to godliness, can sex and orgasms be my religion? Tantric sex is all about worshipping each others bodies as gods. Time will seem to stop, or become entirely nonexistent as every inch of your body tingles with tantalizing pleasure. As you lose yourself upon the waves of pleasure, you're transported to this level of ecstasy you never knew possible. Before you knew me...but thankfully I'm just a phone call/email away & you can schedule our adventure right now.
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  2. auron79
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    auron79 Well-Known Member

    Wonderful bio Lita! It's always great to learn about you ladies and know you want your clients as comfortable as possible before visiting with posts like this. The next time I'm in Vegas I'll be sure to let you know! :)
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  3. Lena_Haze
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    Lena_Haze Alien Cathouse - Las Vegas Xoxo

    I love all the info, this is great Lita!
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  4. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

    Thank you Lena, Lydia and I are sitting on the edge of our seats in eager anticipation of yours! :p
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  5. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

    Awesome, I'm looking forward to it! #vegasbaby [smilie=hi ya!.gif]
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    jax Well-Known Member

    If you are half as incredible as you sound, then I can't see how anyone could resist coming to see you in person. You can bet as soon as I save up enough, I'll be on my way! Pity there are no hotels to stay at nearby, though. It sounds like a long time in the car...
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  7. ACH-Staff
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    ACH-Staff Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Call and make your appointments today with our little weirdo she is so full of life and Beautiful!!!! She will surprise you in so many ways. 775-372-5678 press 0 and talk to a cashier now... C
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    Slugushi Well-Known Member

    Great bio Lita, thanks for sharing.

    This is a sure sign of awesomeness. :)
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    Lena_Haze Alien Cathouse - Las Vegas Xoxo

    I'm working on mine but I guarantee you it won't look as pretty as this one!
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    PhoenixRising Well-Known Member

    proof that postitues are real people too just abit more open about sexual liberation and wut they want ;) sand isnt that wut we alll crave [smilie=happy.gif]
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    mack Active Member

    That's an impressive post. Thanks for sharing.
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  12. ACH-Staff
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    ACH-Staff Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Lita is our little weirdo , she is so unique that is why we call her that. If your looking for fun call 775-372-5678 press 0 and make your appointment with this beautiful lady, and she does dress up in our costumes which will even make your party more unique like her. C
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  13. rileyzane
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    rileyzane Love Ranch's Only Lolita!

    Well... sexual liberation is a very beautiful thing!:) <3 us girls at the ranches have a wonderful advantage!
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

    You do you booboo[​IMG]

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  15. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

    When you remember how important nap time is[​IMG]

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  16. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

    I'll never stop dreaming! [​IMG]

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  17. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

    Those who play together, stay together ;)[​IMG]

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  18. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

    No longer a red head, still just as fiesty[​IMG][​IMG]

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  19. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

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  20. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

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  21. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

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  22. AliceLittle
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    AliceLittle Alice Little, Bunny Ranch

    I love #2. But I might be biased to feisty little red heads :p
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  23. Air Force Amy
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  24. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

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  25. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

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    Niyah Griffin Im YOUR Luxury Get AWAY

    Great read i love it [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Hi Miss Lita...wow!!!!! 69 is my favorite too jijiji...love you boo and thanks for sharing...gentlemen cum on [smilie=call me.gif]book your party whit this gorgeous girl...[smilie=i love you1.gif][smilie=be mine!.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    ElainaGilbert Your Luxury Blonde Companion (GFE,FETISH)

    You light up the room. You are one of a kind, love this.
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    This is such a wonderful Bio. Thank you for sharing it with us!
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  30. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

  31. Lita Crystal-Skull
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    Lita Crystal-Skull see me for sexual transcendence @loveranchvegas

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