24 Brazilian Parenting Phrases We Still Remember

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    The things our parents used to say to us are so efficient that we still remember it.
    Spending 20 days in Brazil got me talking about it with my sisters, friends, nephews and nieces, my massage girl, my dentists and new friends I met. I would say three in five sayings are the same for all of us growing up.

    It’s like they all went to the same class to learn most of the threatening sayings.

    Our parents love us, at least most of the time.

    I am not sure how one survive being a kid learning it all is thrown at us, but I can’t imagine how it is to be a parent of one kid or more. I guess at times they were so fed up that they needed more powerful tools or words to make us listen and behave.

    Before it was terrifying to hear all of these phases, but now it was the reason for many laughs. We couldn’t stop laughing and the funniest was hearing my friends confronting their parents about it. They also reminded us of some that were not listed when we started this.

    Below you will find how it’s said in Portuguese and my attempt to translate and explain it.

    Karsten Paulick From Pixabay

    Do you have any saying your parents told you? Please let us know in the comments below. Participate in the discussion.

    1. Vou te mandar para as Malvinas – I Will send you to the Maldives | When we were not behaving well and our parents treated in sending us away – I mean, if I knew then what I know now, please send me!

    2. Abre o olho que você não é filho de japonês | Open your eyes because you are not a kid of a Japanese parson – Brazil has the biggest population of Japanese people outside of Japan. Not sure, but I guess that is one of the reasons we used Japanese eyes.

    3. Engole esse choro | Swallow this cry or tears – stop crying right now!

    4. Se correr vai levar mais 10 varadas | If you run, you will take 10 more hits – when your parents were disciplining us with a tree brunch or a belt, or whatever they got on they hands.

    5. Eu quero isso aqui brilhando | I want this shinning – When our parents told us to clean something and they want it to look cleaned, spotless.

    6. Não me olhe torto que eu te arranco seu olhos | Don’t look at me this way or I will take your eyes off – when our parents where saying something to us and they didn’t want us to make a face like we were mad or don’t care.

    7. A gente conversa em casa | We will talk when we get home – we never really did talk when we got home, but that saying was enough for us to imagine the worst was to come and start behaving well.

    8. Se encostar ai vai ficar sem no dedo | If you touch it, you will lose your finger – when they had not other choice, but started threatening in removing parts of our bodies so we behaved well.

    9. Se você quebrar isso eu quebro seu dedo | If you break this, I will break your finger – similar to the above.

    10. Eu arranco seu cabelo | I will pull your hair off – again, another situation where losing something in our bodies was used to make us listen.

    11. Vai namorar com a cinta do pai | You Will romance my belt – when we wanted to have a boyfriend and our dad/mom told us that we would have their belt as boyfriend.

    12. Se chorar apanha mais – If you cry more, I will hit you more times – self explanatory.

    13. Se me responder fica sem dente | If you talk back, you will lose your teeth – When they meant business about us not talking back and trying to be smart asses. Courtesy of my dentist.

    14. E tudo eu nessa casa | Everything in this house is me – When our moms were fed up and complained that no one helped her.

    15. Quando eu morrer você vai sentir falta | When I die, you will miss me – basically everything ended with that. If she wanted us to stay in, clean, help, massage her feet, she said that a lot and she was right.

    16. O velho de saco | The old man with a sac – again, when they wanted us to behave, they said this old man with a sac would come and get us. Needless to say, the few times I saw an old man with a sac, I almost died.

    17. Van branca | The white van – I guess this is one of the new sayings due to kids kidnapping by drivers with a van. By what my niece said, it works like a charm. But then we discussed the real thing and that is a sad reality.

    18. Não me faça sair daqui, pois se eu ir lá e achar… | Don’t make me leave here, if I go there and find it… – when our moms wanted us to find something and we barely looked and said we couldn’t find it. Now, mind you that she knew it was at a certain place and hearing it just drove her crazy, she knew it was just the kids being lazy and not looking for it.

    19. Eu vou sumir no mundo | I will disappear on the world – when our moms where tired about us behaving badly or not helping she said that.

    20. Por que é tudo eu nessa casa | Everything is me in this house – similar explanation to the above.

    21. Vai limpar com a língua | You will clean with your tongue – That worked pretty well when it comes to the bathroom, sink and floors. The thought of liking those were our motivation to do it well.

    22. Fique quieto ou eu corto sua língua fora | Be quiet or I will cut your tongue off – when our parents want us to stop talking or complaining about something. Courtesy of my dentist.

    23. Limpou igual a tua cara | You cleaned this like your face – I wonder how bad she tought the cleaning was or how bad our faces were.

    24. Dinheiro nao cresce em arvores – Money don’t grow on trees. I think we all know what means.

    After reading this it gave us an impression that their mission was to scar us for life. Some of it, way to extreme and efficient as I heard few of them between my sisters and nieces when talking to their kids. In reality, most of them never happened, however, the thought of it was terrifying and got our attention. With all of that, I wonder how we all got to adulthood with all our body parts lol.

    That is a pretty good list, incomplete as there is so many more to remember.

    Credit for first picture Suzanne-Suju from Pixabay

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