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  1. Know Me
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    Know Me I worship cock & gladly do what she won't.

    Here are some facts about KnowMe

    1. I am Chineese and American Indian
    2. I am 5'8 without shoes on.
    3. I was born in San Francisco California
    4. My shoe size is 9
    5. I have all my parts
    6. I came from Houston, Texas
    7. I don't know my blood type
    8. I love to eat breakfast.
    9. wake and bake is the best
    10. I want morning and night sex....at least
    Thanks for reading. If you would like to book an appointment with me or plan a special date/ overnight e mail me [email protected]
  2. CherryLane
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    CherryLane The Passion you want, The Woman you need

    Thanks for sharing all of your great info Know Me! xoxo
  3. Misty Lane
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    Misty Lane Party starter at Sagebrush Ranch

    I love getting to know more about you. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Bobbi Besos
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    Bobbi Besos Your local and elite girlfriend *BunnyRanch*

    Love your facts girl!! So fun!!


    Bobbi Besos
  5. Natasha Star
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    Natasha Star Sensual Squirter

    Thanks for letting us peek into you. :)

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  6. alk47
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    alk47 Active Member

    Good to know these facts Knowme!


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  7. RubyRae
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    RubyRae Your natural redhead & choice companion

    You are so beautiful Know Me! And now I know why! Half Chinese and American Indian! Beautiful!
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  8. Carrera
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    Carrera Well-Known Member

    Those are the sexiest 10 facts Lol !!!
  9. Felina Meow
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    Felina Meow Kitten Companion At Love Ranch North

    I love these facts!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!!!!
  10. KiraRain
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    KiraRain The goddess you've all been looking for ♥

    Thanks for sharing @Know Me

    Come book with her today!
  11. CecilyRose
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    CecilyRose In Relentless Pursuit Of Pleasure

    Get to know this beauty!! Love her to pieces!
  12. Delilah Rae
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    Delilah Rae Where secret desires become realities

    Thanks for sharing these fun facts about you! I love learning new things about all of the working girls!
  13. pantera
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    pantera Well-Known Member

    LOL Know me "I have all my parts"

    I love you! You're hilarious
  14. sonja
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    sonja Point your erection in my direction

    If the Native American portion of your genetics is dominant - you are very likely Type O. [smilie=happy.gif]

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