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  1. Ok so maybe I over exsajurated(sp not my strongest point) haha, So I'm deff on of the million's of grisl who have been sending in e-mails, tkaing new pictures EVERY week, and just waitin it out ya know?!?!? So then I got to thinkin do you think they would tell me if they didn't want me....hmm....everyone keeps tellin me, "just wait it out" I've been waitin for almost 6 weeks....do you think these's something wrong here? (please dont mind the scare on my arm cra accident senior year)

  2. Hey girl! No worries! Its been crazy here at the ranch, Mommy and Daddy have been trying to juggle his bday party (which was a HUGE success) and Montel tapings, NYC trips, The erotic exotic ball in Portland this SAt. Its been very hectic; I'm sure they will get back to you soon once things are a bit calmer over here, plus you're beautiful so dont worry about them not wanting you!! xoxo
    hope to see ya soon
  3. Hey Riley (I hope I spelled that right)
    Wow I didn't relize there was that much going on!!! :shock: Not gonna lie I'm still new to this whole thing, I've never done it before! :) Ok so besides the whole waitin it out anything else I should know? I'm sure you girls get tons of e-mails per day from bunny hopefuls huh?
  4. Well hello there coco....how long have you been waitin? not gonna lie I'm the worst when it comes to waitin :( How about you?
  6. Gone for to long?

    Hey everyone :) So I've gotten a few e-mails and I figured that I would just pop in and say that NO I have no given up on Tryin to be a bunny! I'm still sending in my photo's....It's been about 5 months! Everyone keeps tellin me to keep hangin on....and bygolly that's what I'm gonna do :)
  7. Keep hanging in there, you are a cute girl, and seem sincere in wanting to become a bunny.
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    Good luck Rickie...You're certainly attractive enough..others have waited longer then 5 months and it worked out for them. Best wishes on a great new year.
  9. Re: Gone for to long?

    Keep hanging tight animal, you look too hot to leave hanging. I'm sure it will all work out 8)
  10. Re: Gone for to long?

    Have you sent Dennis a PM? if not i would
  11. hey tilly you look very beautiful are you a bunny yet or not ???
  12. There is no "s" in exaggerated. Just thought I should point that out to you
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    Keep Trying please please please keep trying lol You will make it eventually
  14. Hey everyone :) The Animal here, and still waitin! So I cant tell a lie, I think I've been waitin since oh....September! :( I know it's just a matter of time and space that they have there! But still....I've seen other girls that came on to the message board awhile after I did and they ahve "Now apperin....." Grrrr! I mean congrats to them! Do yall honestley think I should just give up and try another place out in Vegas? I dont want to...From what I've hurd through the grape vein, The Bunny Rnach is the best place to party, and I mean come on who deosn't wanna party, drink, and get laid?!? (Oh....ok if you are thinkin Bible thumpers....you got me there!) Grrr...HELP!
  15. Hi Animal,
    Have you called the bunnyranch or just emailed? I called the ranch and
    and also email every week. I wish u the best of luck
  16. Hey Animal,

    If you really want it don't give up. I waited a long time too, and that was with me emailing every day! I do think if you're willing to try and get through on the phone you might get an answer faster. I didn't but I think it might have sped things up. The best time to reach Suzette when it hopefully isn't too crazy around here is probably between noon and eightish on a Tues. through Thurs.

    Keep sending stuff so you keep popping up in their inboxes.

    Good luck!
  17. Hey Anna :) Thank you so much for gettin back with me! I've e-mailed a few bunnies to see how things actually work there, but noone ever responds! I dont blame them...workin girls are busy! I would most deff call, but I have no idea what I would say! :( If by chance you get this get back at me....I'll prolly take some new pictures and and send them Monday night and then call Tuesday? Hope all is well :) :p
    ~The Animal
  18. hey everyone, Yes it's me once again! So I took some new pictures and sent them in, gonna call here prolly tom, I will prolly send one more e-mail tom mornin too Just to be safe with all the pictures I've sent in the past! Just incase they are like, "oh yeah I remember her". Not gonna lie it still is like a slap in the face when I see girls who are gettin picked left and right, I feel like I'm tryin as hard as I can with out being to agressive ya know? I just feel like a sittin duck! QUACK QUACK

    You can aslo reach me through my myspace at www.myspace.com/banger1669
  19. Ok everyone, So I just sent in my last e-mail along with all the pictures I've posted on this site, plus the ones that I took today (I've incuded them at the bottom) I'm gonna call in the mornin tommaro, since it's gettin kinda late here! So wish me luck! :)
  20. Best of Luck Animal. After those picks all the guys are praying they'll say YES
  21. Did you call? Just stay positive!
  22. Hey girl! Stay positive and stay persistant! It will pay off. If it is something you want badly enough, don't give up. There are some girls who wait a very long time to get in and others who get a call right away. It's just luck of the draw. I wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions, you can pm me or email me. Keep your head up...you're beautiful! xoxo...CoCo
  23. Let Murphy's Law play

    I agree that you are a lovely young woman. I do hope you will continue to be persistent.

    One bit of advise I would give is to take a break from it. Go take a weekend where you don't check your email or look at the site.

    Murphy's Law says that you will get that call while you're in the bathroom or just as your cell phone battery dies.

    So get away from the idea for a couple days and take care of yourself. Come back with new energy and optimism.

    I'll have my fingers crossed for you.
  24. Hey everyone! So....I did make the call the other mornin, not even really thinkin that it was Friday! But the lady that I talked to said that the best way to catch her was through her e-mail......RIGHT....LMAO! So I'm gonna take Anna's advice and just over load her box with e-mails....I mean do I really have any other choice? I just didn't want to get the the point where it seemed like I was Naggin! So I guess my report is, it's still a no go! I'm tellin ya, once I make it in (positive thinkin right there) I'm gonna post it ALL over the message board! LMAO
  25. i still have my fingers crossed for you.... they are starting to hurt!
  26. I know that the house likes to have a wide slection of girls at all times. We have alot of girls that look like you so that MAY be part of it but i could be comp wrong. But hang in there you will get your call!
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    They haven't made you a bunny yet??? Ok I would show up there and sit in the parloe till they did lol. Keep trying Animal it will happen Sunny waited 6 months before she made it but she is a bunny now. Good luck
  28. Im waiting too. Lets cross our fingers! I hope to see you all soon!
  29. Two very good choices

    I hope you both will keep trying. You both seem like very lovely ladies and I know I would like to get to know you both a bit better.

    Good luck to you both.
  30. I know it's so hard to wait but you really gotta do it I got my call from Big D because I sent pictures to his e-mail and it worked for me just don't give up keep on Truckin girl you'll make it I'm sure....

    Best of Luck Beautiful Girl....

    Sunny Day
  31. I have different girls telling me different stuff..some say send nudes, some say dont..I just want to know whats best. Im trying not to be impatient...

    <3 heartxcore
  32. Just do what you feel is the right thing It took me 6 months so good luck....
  33. hey Sunny :)Like Harley said, there are millions of girls there that look like me( I'm one of a kinda though sniff sniff :cry: LMAO) But I have been PM and e-mailin Madam but I dont think I know Dennis's e-mail....I've sent him lots of PM's though! Is that what you mean...crap if I've been doing this wrong I'm gonna slap myself!
    ~The Animal
  34. Okay jsut keep on the boards and I'm sure you will get in alotta girls wait... So just hang in there chick, If it was meant to be It will.... DONT GIVE UP!!!!
  35. I think your very cute Animal, and I'm sure youll get there soon. Im going to just wait it out..Im not the blonde bombshell, im covered in tats and piercings..haha..Best of luck <3

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