ⒷⓁⓄⒼ ☞ When is the best time to raise delicate sexual issues with a new or long time partner?

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    Who knows me, know that I am always looking to improve my life and the life of the people who visit me, including couples.


    I particularly enjoy my experiences with couples, especially when they open up and relax.

    Some of the couples I’ve spent time with have become my close friends and every time there is a special occasion we celebrate together.

    Some couples know exactly what they want. Others take time to figure it out. Recently*, I spent time with a woman while her husband waited in the bar and she opened up to me about her sex life. Everything from kissing, oral, different positions and being attracted to her partner after many years together. I was flattered that she felt comfortable enough to share so much intimacy with me, it was a privilege. She asked me for ideas and ways to make their sex life more satisfying. I suggested introducing a third person so they could watch each other respond to different kinds of stimulation. I also mentioned the importance of communication and having a safe environment to ask for what you really want.

    We had a quick threesome and the woman was so shy to start out with. But after the party, she was much more relaxed and giggly and even thanked her husband. Eventually, they rebooked a longer party with more activities and she really got into it.


    I’ve met lots of couples in the same situation.
    I some occasions I have encountered wives that want to spice their life, but don’t know how to, or husbands that would like to introduce activities to their intimacy, but don’t know how to ask and sometimes in the middle of all this I find that both would like different things introduced to their lives and don’t know how to ask.

    It occurs to me that everyone here can help me discuss this topic and perhaps couples will read it and see what they can learn from all of us.

    I want to ask,

    When is the best time to raise delicate sexual issues with a new or long term relationship partner?


    *This is a post I posted before and wanted to bring it back

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    That was interesting to read :)

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