“Coco-licious” My first time to the Ranch

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  1. I arrived at the BunnyRanch @ 5PM on September 24, the day was nice and sunny, a good day to be alive. [smilie=happy.gif] My first task was to talk with Madame Suzette, who incidentally is a lovely lady. I had bought 20 pink roses to give to all of the Bunnies in the line-up. [smilie=be mine!.gif] Why did I do this you ask, because they disserve to be treated well, they offer an incredible service to us men and women. Also, I am Sicilian and Italian and in my family we always give gifts when we visit someone new, it’s a way of showing respect and treating people well is a character trait of mine. So when I got there Madame Suzette explained to the line-up, that I was Coco’s appointment and I wanted to give them all a rose. [smilie=mylove.gif] And to all of those who have not been here the ladies in the line-up are beautiful; when you see their photos you haven’t seen the real deal, wow. :D After I handed over the roses, I had around seven left for Coco, who was the lady of my choice. Since Coco was not ready for me I went to the bar and waited, boy I was excited and anxious.
    Before meeting with Coco we spoke on the phone several times, to get a sense of who we were personality wise. She even called me when I flew in to Reno on Monday, she is a sweetie. I had only waited a few minutes when I slowly turned my head an there she was, she is a vision. She took my breath away, once again I must emphasize the real deal blows away the photographs. [smilie=my heart fire up for you.gif] [smilie=my heart fire up for you.gif] [smilie=my heart fire up for you.gif]
    We sat at the bar and had a drink and chatted a while; her eyes are hypnotizing. Also she is a very intelligent lady, which is a big turn-on for me. Beauty and brains I must be in heaven. [smilie=win your love.gif]
    Coco then took me on a tour of the BunnyRanch, it’s a lot bigger than I imagined. There are various theme rooms and an outdoor Jacuzzi which was something I hoped to use.
    We ended in her room which is quite sensual, and feminine. Here we went into negotiation, and it is what it is, you need to get over this part quick. Before all of this I gave Coco the roses and when we were getting ready to party I had one more gift which I bought exclusively for her, which I know she loved.
    The party begins with a trip to the outdoor hot tub! I had fun but Coco knows I was not wild about the robe; I mockingly called the man robe. Coco when you read this I know you are going to laugh! [smilie=to funny.gif]
    After the hot tub we head to her room for the festivities. Since I am a gentlemen I will not going into details what occurred is between Coco and myself. But, we did quite a few things and a good time was had for all!
    Coco is great! [smilie=love sick.gif]
    At the end which seems too short, I showered in her room and we both headed to the lounge to talk and finish off the champagne we had during the party.
    Definitely one of my life’s great pleasurable adventures and I have done a lot of things in the world and this is in the top five.
    Coco is a Phantasmagorical, [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] she is a class act and I will definitely see her again. (Hint I am going to the ranch tomorrow for a drink with her, who knows what may occur?)
    Coco you are my favorite sweet and I have an insatiable sweet tooth.

  3. Way To Go Carlo My Man,
    I've spent time with CoCo. It's women like her that help to cement my belief in God. That just aint an accident or some evolutionary process.
    And she's such a sweetheart too.

    Just take it easy on her when you see her. In other words, save some for me. She's a doll, along with a few other gals I've been with at MLBR.
    However, she was the first for me at MLBR, and very unforgettable, for sure.
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    My Sweet Carlo! You are a true gentleman and a total sweetheart. I have to agree we did have a great time together, and don't worry....I will have another robe on your next visit!!! Can't wait to see you again soon.....

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