A Woman's Right to Choose to be a Pregnant Sex Worker

Posted by Summer Sebastian on April 4, 2017

When my significant-other and I recently found out I was expecting  (my partner may be 40 years older than me, but he still rocks it!), I knew two things—one was that I needed to continue building financial security for my family, and the second was to continue on my personal path to education. I have less than four years left to accomplish my master’s degree in forensic pathology; in successfully becoming a medical examiner. Anyways, if society already looks down on me for being a working girl (even though legal), you can imagine what they will probably think of a pregnant working girl! Even other working girls sometimes look down on pregnant working girls. But I’ve never been one to let myself be intimidated by what others thought! It actually never occurred to me that I would stop working at the Bunny Ranch while I was pregnant. I loved working here before, with my average sex drive, and I am lovin’ it even more now that I have all of these hormones pumping! And with that, I also knew I wanted to publicly, regularly and most of all proudly blog about my experience as a prego-working girl, from where I am today—14 weeks/three months—in my 2nd trimester, right up to the day I pop!

Sexy Summer Sebastian prior to becoming pregnant
Sexy Summer Sebastian prior to becoming pregnant

I want to make a statement that supports the right of a woman to choose…to work as a prostitute while pregnant! I mean, for so many of you that know me, would you expect anything else? I am after all, 1000% open-minded, completely non-judgmental. And, if I can make it any easier for the next working girl to make the choice to work while expecting, then more power to her! So what’s my story? Well, at first I didn’t even think I was pregnant! I thought my move from Palm Beach Florida to here in Nevada had just really kicked my ass because a deep feeling of fatigue just totally took over. Then, I discovered I was expecting! For me, “keeping the baby“  wasn’t even a question! I love life!  I’m pleased to have the opportunity to expand my already amazing family! I immediately started doing research on having sex while pregnant—I needed to know everything about it!

Summer Sebastian’s ultrasound 14 weeks/three months

I finally decided to follow the advice and guidelines put out by the Mayo Clinic, I figure that’s a reliable enough source of information. According to Mayo, as long as the pregnancy is going along without a problem, I can have sex as much as i like! Yup, that’s what they say! Won’t hurt the baby! Miscarriages? Nope! The baby is shielded by the amniotic fluid in the uterus, and the muscles. “Snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug,” LOL! After that? Well, for all those that support a woman’s right to choose…to be a pregnant working girl, and for working girls who might be considering having a baby—but are afraid to be pregnant while working—here’s some do’s and don’t’s, along with my own experiences so far, added in! So, the best medical advice says…”Do’s”…I can have sex in almost any position I want—just as long as I am “comfortable”! I may have to experiment a little though as I go along and grow, and maybe even get creative if need be!  Already I have gone from my usual 100 lbs to 122 lbs (still 5’ tall though—not growing that way- hee hee!). But adding this creative component to my parties with my clients has just made sex that much more exciting, and interesting!  Oral and anal sex? No problem!  I’ve had no issues at all! And  kissing and caressing—go for it!—I’ve gone from being the QUEEN of GFE  to being the Pregnant Girlfriend Experience!

Summer Sebastian in April 2017
Summer Sebastian in April 2017

I know being with a pregnant girl sexually is a HUGE sex fetish for a lot of people, and I sure hope to accommodate you over the next six months! I still don’t know whether I’m having a boy or a girl—hoping for a little boy though, I really like the name Jesse! I have two weeks until my next appointment and I hope to learn the gender then! I’m so glad I have decided to share this beautiful gift and experience with all of you. Every week I will be adding updated photos and information, as soon as it becomes available to me. For now, take a look at my pictures and my latest sonogram—cool huh?! So stay-tuned as Summer Sebastian, your “sweet, petite treat,” keeps you updated, and  we can count down to the nine-month magical day together! Super excited! Thank you for reading my blog! X0X0

Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian is paying for medical school by working as a featured entertainer at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch. She maintains a 4.0 GPA, and holds a perfect sexual record for amply satisfying her clientele.

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Summer Sebastian

Author: Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian is paying for medical school by working as a featured entertainer at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch. She maintains a 4.0 GPA, and holds a perfect sexual record for amply satisfying her clientele.

34 thoughts on “A Woman’s Right to Choose to be a Pregnant Sex Worker”

  1. As a mother of 5 kids, (4 Girls, 1 Boy), I applaud you for not only NOT letting any naysayers rain on your parade!! I also know that Doing your own research and knowing first hand the pros and cons is very important. I believe you are being As responsible, if not more than any other woman. In my book you are the BOMB!! Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!!

  2. Well done for having the bravery to make your own choice about what you do. I am always pro-choice, whatever the choice is, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else, and as your doctor has advised, you are doing your baby no harm at all. I am sure there will be lots of other pregnant women who will condemn your choice … and a lot of them will do that condemning while they smoke tobacco and drink alcohol, two things that are proven to have a negative impact on pregnancy.

  3. That is all well and good but you are exposing your unborn child to many risks, such as genital herpes, which a condom cannot protect against. Genital herpes causes BLINDNESS in unborn children who are infected in utero. And as a former carer of a blind person, I would not wish it on my worst enemy, let alone knowingly do actions that can contribute to it.

    This is not all about you and your need to make a stand/grandstand. Another life is at stake and your actions affect it. Not to mention that you have no idea if a client can suddenly turn violent and harm you.

    This is no time for a crusade or to grandstand, it is not all about you. You have another innocent life depending on you not to put it in harm’s way. Put the needs of your child first, above your need to make some sort of a point. You can always go back to work after the birth.

  4. I have missed opinions about what you are doing. Yes you have the right to do what’s right for you. But once a child is evolved. It’s no longer about you. Being a mother is about being selfless. What you do in private. Stays private. But all this exposure and support will fade. But will be something your child will inherit. Don’t over sale it. So much when people get bored they tell your child another story about his or her mother “aka you.

  5. Hi Summer, just wanted to say congratulations and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of interest. In my opinion there is nothing sexier than a pregnant woman – glowing and beautiful. I’m sure you will be safe at all times, you are inspirational to other women who also have the right to choose. Wish I lived closer. Looking forward to the picture updates as you progress, good luck with your journey xx

  6. Did you ever stop to think what your kid will think reading this in 16 years? I’ve saved this page and will mail it to them to see what they think of Mom’a choice. And all the supportive “men” on here are the small minority. If someone did a survey asking whether they would approve if their own mother did this, I have no doubt it would be 99% against.

  7. Hello to ALL- THANK YOU for taking the time out of your, “life”- to read (and respond to) this blog. To my surprise, it has kind of gone “viral….”. I must have received 30 emails from editors around the world wanting info and pictures for their own articles regarding this subject. I suppose between legal prostitution and women’s rights it has brought in a wide spectrum of interest and curiosities! The pregnancy is going AWESOME and I am SO happy. I have submitted NEW updates, just waiting for them to be reviewed and unveiled to you.

    Once again,

    Thank YOU All for your loving support.


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