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Natasha Pink


Let me introduce myself, my name is Natasha Pink, arrived from south of Russia 5 years ago, and Love my new American life and friends and opportunities!

Valedictorian from both private school and University, former gymnast, ballerina, glamor fashion model, avid reader, especially history books, and into wellness and fitness.

I am the 1st Russian Bunny in the 55 years of history of the legendary Bunny Ranch!

The 1st official title holder National Pageants Beauty Queen 2007 and 2010.

Plus, I took Courtesan courses "The Art of Sexual Pleasures", back in Russia, which are the equivalent of the well-known "geisha" education in Japan.

So - I am the 1st Russian Courtesan at the famous Bunny Ranch, and cherish opportunities to share my unique and memorable skills, talents, gifts, sexual adventures with new friends, to enhance and multiply sexual pleasure!

I enjoy getting to know people, so please email me first, before booking an appt.

Mutual understanding, chemistry, desire, familiarity and being at ease means that our Big Fun will be even more intimate, passionate, fullfilling and special!

I am also the star of HBO, and a feature at Hustler and Swank magazines.

November 2010 i got a leading role in the comedy "Bikini limo drivers", so much fun!

Here are the comments from my happy, impressed and satisfied new friends :

AlterEgo99: " Natasha was so sweet and beautiful! I felt like i was a young guy again. Speechless! it was heaven! Round one had blown my mind, round two blew my mind and everything else...I want more!"

Gamer: "I loved meeting Natasha Pink. She really woke something up in me. I didn't know if could be so good!"

Budgetguy: "Best birthday ever; unforgettable!"

Musicman: "Hot woman full of sexual energy! WOWZERS! It was one of the most FUN parties I have ever had! it was an incredible time that left me wobbly walking out of Natasha's room, as we both had big smiles on our faces!"

Easternpromises: " Best Overnight Ever!"

I love to laugh, enjoy comedy clubs, vegas shows, fine restaurants, Discovery and History channels, fashion, real estate foreclosure auctions and remodeling, museums, jazz, art, theatres, travelling, taking my clothes off, being creative in and out of the bedroom, and, most of all, my Scorpio Big Sexual MOJO !

It's my pleasure to share either a sensual passionate and intimate GFE, or a wild hot and steamy Pornstar experience, or a unique and memorable Courtesan Sex Adventure!
I am very warm, sweet, easy to get along with, caring and fun! And Sexual!
A lady in the streets....hehe !


Famous Natasha Pink
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