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Kelly Skyline

Sweet and sexy Kelly Skyline, that’s me! I am a 20 year old Nevada native who spent the past few years in California where I was featured in a variety of films: Barely 18 #38, Teen Idol #5, and Daddy’s Little Whore #2 just to name a few. I am 5’1” and weigh 115 pounds with a tight little athletic body of 34-27-35.

I love all outdoor activities and am a huge fan of playing and watching all sports, excluding golf. I have recently learned how to boogie board and I am totally hooked! So, of course I love the water, whether I am swimming in it or lying on the beach catching some rays, I love it all. Having Lake Tahoe just out my back door here at the BunnyRanch is awesome!

I am also an avid photographer. I enjoy taking photos and being in photos. I look forward to hiking up at Tahoe and taking pictures of all the beauty the lake has to offer. I can imagine a nice picnic on the lake or an Italian dinner out on the town and an evening stroll down the beach as a perfect out date. If that’s too low key for you I am always up for dancing and hanging out at clubs, preferably strip clubs.

If an outdate isn’t what you are looking for I am up for having a great time at the BunnyRanch. We can relax in the Jacuzzi, watch some of my feature porn films together or play board games and grub down on some hamburgers. When I am not working hard I am of course playing hard or shopping. I love to shop for lingerie. My favorite is anything with lace and/or animal print. I also love the bling; any type of sparkly jewelry is ok by me. My new found shopping desire is purses. I am not a big fan of the large over night bags, but am having a hard time passing up the smaller Coach and Guess bags.

If I am not shopping you are likely to find me playing with my two pit-bull pups who I absolutely adore or you might find me horseback riding! I am a very natural down to Earth girl who knows how to be spontaneous and throw in a little sarcasm too! I can’t wait to learn more about you, so please contact me today so that we can begin our adventure together!
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