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Jenny Jade

Watch my new video!

Hi there!! I am Jenny Jade..

All American, midwest girl! I'm a petite 5'2, 95 lbs. but...with a set of 32-Ds!

I am the outdoors type. Whenever I get the chance you'll find me fishing off a dock in just my bikini, or sneaking a skinny dip..I love to feel the water with nothing on at all!

I'm a great sports enthusiast, growing up the only girl in a house full of brothers...I'm rough & tumble & I'd love to wrestle with you!

When the sun goes down, you may find me with the lights down watching a scary flick.I'd just love for you to be next to me to grab onto when I get scared!

Or, going for a 3 a.m. dip in the hot tub, under the stars, with a cocktail & you!!

You know what they say, "Dynamite comes in small packages"....and I am a small package that will B-L-O-W your mind!! ( and all of your other 101 body parts!!)

Come see me...you'll never regret it!!I am here at the ranch Tuesday through Saturday from 6PM to 6AM and always available for appointments just call 888-bunnyranch for details :)

See you when you see me :)
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