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1. Who's Caressa Kisses?
I'm delighted to make your acquaintance… I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I ooze Southern charm (but without a drawl). You'll enjoy my presence and the company that I provide. I am a young woman of many talents and interests. I have spent my life both in the United States and Asia. I am both well-traveled and well-read, and can hold many conversations on a wide variety of topics. I'm a young lady who is a combination of exquisite angelic beauty, genuinely sweet personality, a bright mind, and a playful disposition. They say I have a soft passionate touch that sends chills through a gentlemen's body and leaves them breathless. I enjoy ambient music, mutual sensual touch and masturbation to inflame both our libidos. I prefer extended stays or overnights to fully heighten our sexual encounter, but I am in no way opposed to a quickie, sometimes that can be just as intoxicating. Whether you are looking for a sexy companion, a wonderful date, a few days on the town, or an amazing week of fun together, I hope you will consider me. I feel comfortable in any social environment-whether we're kicking back at a sports event or heading off to a fancy restaurant.

2. How would You describe yourself?
I conduct myself in a very classy and elegant manner, but with a naughty twist. I will not only capture your mind with my down to earth sense of humor, but I will also sweep you off of your feet with my sexy feminine ways! I have a tight, tan, toned petite hard body that men and women both find irresistible. I'm 5'4", 110 lbs with measurements of 32D/ 22/ 32. I have long, blond hair, green hazel eyes, big pouty lips with caress-able silky satin skin. I practice yoga daily to uphold my athletic frame. Though I'm often referred to as a full package, my flirty, fun, outgoing sensuous nature and big smile is what I'm best known for.

3. What Exactly is the BunnyRanch?
It's a Full-service Legal Brothel owned and operated by Dennis Hof. It's a DisneyLand for men & for some women too!

4. Are there Adult rides?
Sure are! The most thrilling, exhilarating rides you will ever take, in fact. I would love to give you a Personal, no-obligation Tour!

5. How tall do you have to be to ride?
Size matters not, but you must be 18 and to enjoy a cocktail at our extensive bar, you must be 21. A valid ID is required to enter the house.

6. Do you like what you do?
No, I Love it! Seriously. I am openly and shamelessly sexual. I have no reservations whatsoever about this. I am living my fantasies! Given all the STD testing that goes on in Nevada and the safety measures we take, it is statistically far safer to experience sex through this avenue than to take your chances in the harsh, unpredictable world of dating.

7. Sweet! So how much does it cost to party?
There are no set prices. It is illegal to discuss this aspect of our encounter outside the Bunny Ranch premises, but I can assure you that I will respect your budget. An appointment with me will always be affordable. You will be Very happy you came. Promise! Your complete satisfaction---more than once, if I have anything to say about it--it is my goal! After all, I want this to be a lasting relationship:)

8. How long have you been at the Bunny Ranch?
I have been making regular appearances at the ranch since November 2011.

9. Isn't the Moonlite BunnyRanch the place where HBO's Hit "Cathouse" series is filmed?
Yes, order me on Demand today!! HBO's Hit "Cathouse-Caressa Kisses the GirlFriend Experience"

10. Will I be filmed without my knowledge?
Never, all areas where filming takes place are roped off & anyone who has not signed a release will not be filmed. Promise!

11. Where are you when you're not at the ranch?
In Tahoe or working out at the gym daily!

12. You do look like you are in great shape, what are your favorite workouts?
I love yoga and cardio. Also light weight lifting just to stay tone.

13. Are you Single?
Yes, I am!

14. Which Porno film did I see you in?
You didn't! I have no plans to expand into other areas of the adult entertainment industry. I do however, appear in HBO and other Main Stream Media, promoting the world-famous Moonlite BunnyRanch.

15. What did you do before this?
I worked in the Medical Field, as a Surgical Technician, Nationally Certified FA

16. Why did you quit that field?
I needed a break.

17. What are your Turn-Ons?
Having a sense of humor, being open-minded, taking care of yourself, generosity, and kindness top the list.

18. Your breasts... are they real?
Extremely Nice, I had them done, they are 32D, but they feel very real, soft and very perky! I love them to be squeezed.

19. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
No Tattoos, but I do have a small nose piercing.

20. Do you smoke?
No, but you can!

21. What's your favorite drink?

22. What about alcoholic drinks?
Cranberry/Vodka with a squeeze of lime.

23. What kind of parties are your favorite?
I specialize in True GFE, Virgins, Inexperienced, Two Girls, & Porn Star Experiences, But I am up for just about anything that feels good.

24. Can I read any reviews of your performances?
Yes, please do so! Read a few of them here:






25. Can I make an appointment?
Absolutely! It's my best way to ensure that I will be available when you're here. If you have specific dates in mind, I will do my best to line up my schedule accordingly. In some cases, no deposit is necessary.

26. Is there a Dress Code at the Ranch?
Nope! However, I do appreciate a person who makes the effort to smell and looks nice.

27. Can I shower while I am there?
Yes, you sure can! In My shower in fact. Maybe even with Me!

28. CanI bring my own music, videos, clothing, props, etc. for our party?
Absolutely, I would love it if you did!

29. Is there any Gambling at the Ranch?
No, but there are Casinos within five minutes. I've even been known to be a source of good luck!

30. What if I want to see you Outside the Ranch?
That can be arranged, but only through the BunnyRanch. Those encounters are called "Outdates" & they can be loads of Fun! I love to get off the Ranch to let loose & explore the best Nevada has to offer--Tahoe, Las Vegas, Genoa's Hot Springs & Reno are a few of my favorites!
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