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Cami Parker

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I'm Cami Parker, star of HBO's Cathouse series and featured bunny at The World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

I was born in Canada and have lived in NYC for the past six years. While living in New York I worked on developing my modeling portfolio and I attended New York University. I double majored in creative writing and journalism and am currently writing my first novel.

I have blonde hair and blue green eyes. I am 5'4, 105 lbs and my measurements are 32DD-22-34.

My interests include literature, the theater, blow jobs, fashion, cooking, reading, writing, blow jobs, shopping, animals, museums, blow jobs, trying new restaurants and international cuisines and fusions, music, blow jobs and politics. My turn ons include humor, intelligence, confidence and kindness. My turn offs include rude people, bad hygiene and selfish lovers (I'm multi-orgasmic and want to enjoy myself too!)

Besides on HBO I'm sure you've seen me many other places, such as:

Hustler Magazine
Club International Magazine
Tag Magazine
Glam Girl Magazine
Metro Adult Entertainment News Magazine
The Howard Stern Show
The Joy Behar Show
The Maury Povich Show

and many other places.

BUT the very best place to see me is in the bedroom. It's my favorite place to be, and the place that I feel the happiest and most comfortable. If I had to define my bedroom personality, it would mirror my out of bed personality. I'd say I'm fun, outgoing, energetic and, more than anything, I'm a BIG pleaser. What turns me on more than anything, is being able to please another person. To make them feel happy content and relaxed and to give them the greatest pleasure, sexual pleasure, again and again and again... nothing makes me happier.

While I consider my sexual repertoire to be very extensive and am always confident and excited to explore any new sexual opportunities, everybody has their specialties and mine are as follows:


The GFE is my signature party, simply because it is my favorite party and it's what comes naturally to me. It's in my nature to want to kiss and cuddle and care for people. I have a genuine love for all people, and like to express that physically. (I'm also very much orally inclined! That helps too...) I don't "play pretend" GFE. I truly enjoy developing real connections and relationships with other people. I like having friends that I care about and that I know care about me and I crave the genuine feeling of closeness that that brings, if only for a night. I also love being given the opportunity to dote on somebody. All my boyfriends get treated like kings! I'm a certified masseuse and would love to show off some of my skills for you. I promise I'm a lot stronger than I look!
Also, you can take me anywhere. I'm a classy, educated, cultured and stylish young woman that you will be proud to have on your arm.

I'm the girlfriend you always dreamed of having... and you only have to have me as long as you want. No strings attached!

And one more thing... I promise I'll never yell at you to take out the garbage!


I like to do parties that I think will make a big difference in somebodies life. I love to create beautiful memories that both my partner and I will remember forever. One way
I like to do that is by partying with virgins. Whether you're 14 or 41, losing your virginity is such a huge milestone in your life. It is something special that you will remember forever and the fact that someone would choose to share that experience with me is so special. I really feel honored, each time somebody tells me they want to give me their virginity. I know that it is a great responsibility and it is up to me to make it the most incredible experience possible. I also understand the importance of walking away from the experience feeling not just satisfied, but confident and sexually knowledgeable. I want you to leave me feeling like, when you do meet the girl of your dreams, you know exactly what to do to make her scream and squirm... because I taught you everything.


I absolutely love couples. I love couples so much that you will see me with a couple in an upcoming episode of Cathouse. Besides the fact that I love playing with girls, I'm absolutely in love with love. I love to watch two people that really love each other together, and the fact that they would chose to share their moment with me is so special! I love both women that are new to women and women with more experience. I always take the extra time to make sure that she is 110% comfortable and happy. I will always respect any and all boundaries laid out by you guys, and we can do as much or as little as you are both comfortable with. Many couples have tell me that coming to see me on a regular basis has added a spice to their relationships that goes so far beyond their greatest expectations.


I love overnights, just because I love to be with people, especially in a romantic situation. I love to play happily ever after. I love everything about overnight dates. I love dressing up beautifully and taking the limo out to dinner. I love the pride you feel when every man in the restaurant stares at you in envy. I love going to the movies, out for cocktails, to a comedy show or dancing after dinner and not being in any rush to hurry back. I love being your desert during the limo ride back to the ranch. I love sitting in the the hot tub drinking champagne with you. I love calling our on site masseuse to give us a hot and sexy couples massage. I love making midnight snacks. I love cuddling all night long. I love being woken up with sex. I love morning blow jobs. I love cooking you breakfast and I love going out to breakfast at a restaurant, whichever you prefer is fine with me. The only part about overnight dates that I don't love is saying good bye.

I also offer:


If you want to see more of me, I've posted videos of lots of my adventures on YouTube. You can view the videos at:

If you want to read some of my reviews, you can view them

If you think that I am someone that you would enjoy spending time with, I would love for you to email me so we can arrange a time for us to get to know each other better! Don't forget to ask me about this months specials!

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