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  1. I like older men cause I can relate to them. I also have the patience to relax with them. I also have the experience to keep up with them. We can connect in conversation and laughter. I also like the idea that they appreciate the time I take out to make them happy. Do you like older men? And why?
  2. wrb55rosco
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    wrb55rosco Well-Known Member

    What ages are you talking about?
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  3. thelovedoctor
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    thelovedoctor Well-Known Member

    WOW! I am in luck, as I am an older man.

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  4. Web I would say any one over 40. But the old old 60-80s love me.
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  5. wrb55rosco
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    wrb55rosco Well-Known Member

    HUMMM<I better watch out for you. I'm 57,or so I have been told! :twisted:
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  6. Love Older Men.... So Fun To Be With..... :D
  7. Yes Amelie so much fun
  8. For the older men that were seeing me regularly at love ranch north. I will be back august
  9. I like "older" men because they know what they want and how to get them.
  10. I love older men also !!!! They are just more sexier to me and mature !! I have always been attracted to the older gentlemen even at a young age, it was odd. Never wanted anything to do with anyone from my age bracket, always scouting my oldest brother's friends to get my thrills. Still to this day I find myself eyeballing the older gentlemen to my liking :)
  11. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    Older men take things slow and are passionate!
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  12. I Prefer Older Men Too.... Why They are More Secure In Their Accomplishments...More Passionate...And Overall Mature Personaility Along With Stability.....
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  13. But at the brothels, have you partied with the "older" 40+ year old virgins that might need more of the TLC, guidance, patience, physical, and emotional support that virgins need sometimes, but more pronounced the older the virgin gets? Even younger virgins in their 20s are nervous, but virgins in their 40s have had a long time to think about it. There are some older virgins that browse these message boards, so what do you say to those guys on how you would handle their de-virginization party? An outdate or couple of hour VIP room party? The older virgin maybe has been on a few dates with girls, but never successful on the sex end for whatever reason.
  14. They are just nicer all around !!!! Much better attitudes than some I can say ........more appreciative in some aspects of life :)
  15. You mean I'm now less than two years away from being "old old"? Or is it more like the late, great Aaliyah once sang, "Age ain't nuthin' but a number." :wink:

    Ageless regards, [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
    Speed Racer
  16. They Are Just Terrific.....
  17. I would love to have a virgin 40 plus. Haven't had the pleasure yet. If there are any out there put me on your bucketlist first. Taking it slow real slow is the way to go to make it a memorable experience. Let me know.
  18. HeavenlyRose
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    HeavenlyRose Well-Known Member

    i like older men because they already know what they want and like and they don't want to waste any time. They take things more seriously.
  19. For Their Confidence and Wonderful Mature Demeanor..... :D
  20. Older men I'm not hearing from you yet.
  21. Ohhh man......I guess I fall in that category since receiving that AARP card, dang it! :shock:
  22. We need to talk to Dennis about getting an "AARP Discount" at his houses!

    Best regards,
    Speed Racer
  23. Yes that AARP should count for something
  24. Hey-Hey Now! I resemble that remark! :evil: :wink:
  25. Coach I should have decided the old older and old old int 3 catagorys. Old old is 80 and above 60- 79 older 40 prime of life old. Is that better.
  26. Oh goody! I still have 1 & 11/12 years of "prime time" left before I'm "older".

    Ageless regards,
    Speed Racer
  27. They Are Just Awesome.... :D
  28. Speed racer your making me laugh.
  29. Older men wait for me. I'm almost there 3 more days
  30. They are nicer, more mature and treat people more respectful than the occasional young buck that comes in and ruins it for that age bracket ! ! ! Respect is a big thing :)
  31. Mature Men Are More Respectful..... :D
  32. its august, i will be here for the month. hopefully you will come and see me
  33. I also love older men [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

    [smilie=call me.gif]
  34. Yes older men are great
  35. older men are more comfortable to be with

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