What so great about being with a mature women?

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  1. I think most guys like a mature women because they have experience. Sometimes I think it's like being mrs. Robinson with the young ones. The older men feel more comfortable with someone close to their age. I think there is nothing prettier than a well kept older women. If she is pretty as she gets older than she must have been beautiful when she was younger. The experience is number one. What do you think?
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  3. We know how to take care of our men ! Thats why !
  4. I agree! :D Well put babe! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  5. Cuz we went through our Dirty 30's and into our FILTHY 40's!
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    Then what the 50's?
  7. tahoebigbear
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    Indeed :wink:
  8. wine gets better with time
  9. Not necessarily, as some ladies do not really 'blossom' until they get to be a little older. Though all are beautiful in their own way, some women who were not considered to be 'knockouts' or even very pretty in their teens and twenties nonetheless can turn heads with their physical attractiveness as they get older, more confident and more comfortable in their own skin... and all without any 'enhancements' whatsoever.

    Ageless regards,
    Speed Racer
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  10. they definitely know what they are doing
  11. not a cougar yet but mature, come have fun
  12. come experience the experience
  13. wine always taste better as it matures
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    I think the older you get the more you appreciate everything about foreplay and sex. All of the smells, touch, and feel that it all brings. You have more patience and understanding as well!
  15. i look good for my age.
  16. Experience experience experience
  17. I'm ready to show you my talents
  18. Maturity and experience is all you need
  19. Nothing hotter
  20. Come experience what I have to offer
  21. Experience and Educated Conversation.... :D
  22. Yes I love the conversations
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    With maturity comes more confidence and openness :)
  24. Your absolutely right!!!
  25. It's a lot of fun
  26. I totally agree!
    Mature women are more sensual
    in bed too! ;-)
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    Well, Vanity now you have me curious, I was under the impression you were in your twenties.

    As to mature women.

    The song says older women make better lovers. I agree. They are more confident, they know what they like, what their lovers like, and how to accomplish it all. They don't tend to waste time.

    The mind is more sexy to me than flawless beauty.

    Because of all that, and my own experiences, I prefer women over 30.

    Interesting fact, Benjamin Franklin preferred women over 30, was known as a playboy of his time, and considered a pervert for his attraction to older women. The culture of youth was strong over a 100 years ago!
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  29. I'm ready to knock your world
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    In my case my g/f has taught me how to relax and go slow with the motion :D
  32. In my opinion everyone has different things to learn and being with an older or young woman or man you are learning new things.
  33. We know what's best
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    You are right each encounter is new.
  35. Experience experience experience

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